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Luis Alvarado
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Writes on a blog:

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Is it possible to implement a BLE ignore list?
My neighbor's iPad keeps trying to connect to my phone if I have BLE tracking enabled when I start sleep tracking.

Note: I have a Moto360 connected at the time, but the app seems to prioritize BLE over my paired watch (the iPad is not paired, it just tries to connect again and again).

Edit: When my phone doesn't see the iPad, it will look for other devices instead, like my BRAVIA -- this device will eventually time out and eventually the app starts tracking the Moto360.
In contrast to the iPad, my BRAVIA doesn't try to connect to my phone -- I'm guessing the right services are not available -- but in the case of the iPad, it will respond and start connection requests.

Hey guys - we have a dedicated chat server for Hentoid.
Come and join us:

If you are encountering any issues, we expect to see you in there to discuss them.

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Release 1.1.4 is out:
Update notifications should be up.
But if you experience a crash while updating, then please download and apply the update manually as Hentoid 1.1.3 has a bug that can prevent you from a successful upgrade.

Quickfix release incoming, as soon as my MacBook hurries up and downloads the updated build tools...
Edit: Download all of Fakku:

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