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Luis Alejandro Ramírez Gallardo
Entusiasta del SEO, en constante movimiento
Entusiasta del SEO, en constante movimiento

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Por fin la plataforma de Admob tiene una analítica decente !!!
Google Analytics now available to all developers in AdMob

A few weeks ago we announced that we’re bringing the power of Google Analytics to AdMob, making it fully available in the AdMob interface on a new Analyze tab. As of today it is available to all AdMob accounts. 

All of Google Analytics in the Analyze tab
Now you have a single place to get accurate performance data about your app. You’ll also benefit from a new set of features that make measurement the foundation of all your optimization decisions:

- a new Analyze tab with all Google Analytics reports
- a drop down menu to switch between reports for individual apps 

The new AdMob Home page: the one-stop shop for app monetization, promotion and analytics
Now that Google Analytics is built directly into AdMob, you can have a holistic view on your monetization, based not only on revenue from ads but also on in-app purchase performance. All these functionalities have been incorporated into the updated Home tab in AdMob, making it a one-stop shop for all your performance reports.

Get started in one click with Google Analytics and AdMob 
1. Log in to AdMob or open a new account. 
2. If you’re already using Google Analytics for your apps, you can link your existing account with AdMob in the Analyze tab. 
3. If you’re not using Google Analytics, you can sign up in the AdMob interface.
Visit the AdMob Help Center to learn more.

Mike Schipper, Product Marketing Manager, AdMob


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Hala a actualizar de nuevo todas las formaciones ;( pero me gusta el cambio en la vista de los perfiles desde el menú
GA Nav & Sidebar are getting a clean, sleek refresh.

Some of you may have noticed a shiny new nav and sidebar inside of Analytics. If you're not seeing it yet, you will over the next few weeks. We think this is a simpler and more beautiful way to present your reports, dashboards and will make your analysis easier and faster. See a quick preview below.

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Estoy de acuerdo, la perdida de keywords desde Google, no es el Apocalipsis 

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Hay que planear nuestros objetivos y definir una hoja de ruta

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