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"Anything less than this isn't even worth trying" Really moving short film about Sacred Economy - +Luis Suarez Now how does that add to our conversation as a worthy goal for collaboration ? Instead of having social techs and platforms transition to "business as usual", why aren't they (we) pushing harder for transformation ?
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Hi Luis! My goodness!! This is just truly fascinating! And incredibly inspiring! I have just spent 12 minutes going through the video introduction of the book and it blew my mind completely! This is exactly what all of this transformation of our business world AND our society is all about! Absolutely fantastic! Gosh, my head is spinning with ideas and other similar blog posts I have bumped into around The Gift Economy that I think will eventually see the light on an upcoming blog post!

How wonderful!! And what a true gift from +Charles Eisenstein to make the book available for free to download online! That's just brilliant! So much so that in a true gesture of a gift I just bought the Kindle version to read on my upcoming business trips! Yes, I know, I could go ahead and read it online, for free, but that'd miss the point, wouldn't it? ;-)

Brilliant find, Luis! Thanks much for sharing it along and for pointing me to it! Yes! It's finally happening!
Glad you like it ! Social Business is both much more transformative than first envisioned and MUCH MORE difficult to reach. But yes, it's probably happening already ...
Absolutely! But the beauty of such transformation is that technology has got very little to do with it all. It's more that social transformation that will be taking place and technology, this time around, instead of having all of the focus is just going to be an enabler, a facilitator. That social transformation will be, already is!, is the main challenge for both the corporate world as well as our societies! Exciting times, indeed! :) hehe

Thanks again for sharing that link, Luis! Way too cool!
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