On March 21st 2017 Brazilian ENL in collaboration with Peruvian ENL team conducted operation "Game Over", sending shard #4 from within RES domains in Cuiabá, Brazil to Iquitos, Peru in a quick and stealthy way, basically ending Shards game in Brazil, isolating RES target in rio from it's nearest shard and getting shard #4 closer to ENL targets in the United States.
Aiming for a precise and strong hit, 4 Brazilian Agents from Rio and São Paulo travelled over 1500km to Cuiabá by early morning that day, allowing time for field recognition. All for this sole purpose and after having confirmation from Peru that they had accepted the challenge and responsibility of hosting a shard and would prepare the ground for it's arrival, despite the country being hit by severe storms due to the El Niño phenomenon. Stakes are high and conditions are harsh!
5 brave Peruvian agents were on ground challenging the harsh weather to prepare Iquitos to receive its gift as Brazil team, who was until then flying under the radar, finally engaged into action, attempting to delay as much as possible log on the COMM while at the same time trying to save some spare time in case things went wrong.
At 21:49 (utc-4, local time in Cuiabá), 11 minutes before jump and after all blocks had been taken down within a 35 minutes span, the link Cuiabá-Iquitos went online with a beautiful length of 2292km, crossing cities, forests, rivers, mountains, a country border and a time zone.
Ingress does indeed make us feel closer!


Peru ground team:

Brazil ground team:
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