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After a lot of conky tweaking I manage to end with a version that I kinda like it.



Conky: A tweaked version of

[SOLVE] Hi guys, where should I look to remove spotify from the notification system?

Read the answer by Cassidy

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It's taking form. Well done elementary Team you nail a great stable version.

Why do I get this kind errors bug number 1591586

Hi guys, this is more about Loki than Freya, but I hope you understand that the Loki section isn't available yet. I've facing a problem to use mail with Google accounts with two-factor login.. How do I use a google account with two-factor login?

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Hi I was trying to add my user to a new group, but I lose the defaults one in the process someone can point me how to go to the recovery boot? and list me the defaults group .. I don't remember them thanks

EDIT: Ok, I get access to the recoveryboot still I can't add my user to sudo group or add a password for root. Still looking how to solve this :/

SOLVE: So I did the recovery boot, then I remount the partition "mount -o rw,remount /" and change what I need to change with usermod and passwd ;D 
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