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Distracted #Driving: Technology Problem and #Technology Solution -
With our society increasingly dependent on having technology available at our fingertips, it comes as no surprise that driving accidents stemming from technol
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#Jolly’s 1989 #Tragedy Illuminates a Current #Florida #Phenomenon -
It's a dark night in Zephyr hills, Florida, and Blair W. Ropes is walking along County Road 581. He's on the right side of the two-lane blacktop, moving along
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Jeffrey Luhrsen’s iPromise Campaign Comes to a Successful End

#iPromise #EndDD #StopDWT
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From #Texting to Web Surfing: #Drivers Are Taking It Up a Notch
#iPromise #Donttextanddrive #takethepledge
There was a time when texting and driving was associated with younger drivers, but the recent popularity of mobile devices has given birth to a full-blown distr
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#BlackBox Technology Is Changing How We Understand #Crashes -
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#Anniversary a Reminder that #Cruises Can Be #Deadly -
  Most people probably don’t have to be told that cruises can be dangerous. Over the last few years, all kinds of unfortunate goings-on, including ram
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