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Louisiana native Lue Svendson is a painter and a landscape architect. Lue’s work in paint and nature exist worldwide in Dubai, Costa Rica and the United States.

Born in 1952, Lue was influenced to think creatively from a young age. Since she was a young girl she has had a natural ability in drawing using pencil, charcoal and watercolor. She was pushed by her parents in this direction and an artistic heritage. As she got older, she moved toward her professional choice to combine her love of art and nature to become a landscape architect. Her education and work in landscape architecture put solidly in focus, by intensive exercise and discipline, design principles relating to shape, space, line, scale, color and texture. Lue enjoys working in varied styles with different materials thus keeping both she and her art fresh.

While she and her husband raised three children, Lue worked as a landscape architect and has remained active in the community and church. In an average year she donates many paintings to charitable organizations, schools, churches and social organizations. With oil paints her selected medium Lue paints as often as she can creating many scenes from the local area. She paints what she knows best; the woods and the prairies of South Louisiana.

Although Lue has been painting only a few years, her experience as a professional designer brings a cultured maturity to her work. The work produced since 2002 has created more than 20 shows for galleries and art events in the Lafayette and Baton Rouge, Louisiana area.

Lue has been influenced by the techniques of Sergei Bongart, George Inness and her teacher Pat Bourque of Lafayette, Louisiana. Often than her degree in landscape architecture from LSU, her art education has consisted of individual art classes and seminars. She is a member of the Lafayette Art Association.

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'Award of Merit' - Eye of the Beholder Show

St. John’s Oak (12” x 36”) Oil On Canvas

Lue Svendson / Svendson Studios – Lafayette

Louisiana native Lue Svendson draws on her background as a Landscape Architect to bring discipline ans solid design principles to her paintings of the woods and prairies of South Louisiana.

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Expressions of Louisiana

Louisiana native Lue Svendson draws on her background as a landscape architect to bring discipline and solid design principles to her paintings of the woods and prairies of South Louisiana. "I crave re-creating the beauty around me and offering it to others, especially the Louisiana landscape," says Svendson. "It is not just the sunny days that interest me. It is all the days — the mist and humidity, the clouds and the colors of a storm. Painting in the Louisiana landscape is rewarding. Louisiana is alive with life and change, and it is a very rich landscape and always a challenge to express."

Svendson keeps her focus and her canvas. fresh by working in varied styles with different materials.

"I consider my work to be a combination of Old World artistry with an edge. I love bold colors and drama," she says. "I try not to just paint a 'pretty picture.' I want to grab you and reel you in. I want you to feel the passion of the scene. I want you to see what I feel."

In addition to her landscape design work, Svendson owns Rue du Pont Galerie et Studio, which is located in the historic district of Brea. Bridge. The gallery building is on the National Historic Register. The gallery offers both contemporary and traditional painting style, and about every two months it showcases all the artists and a featured artist. Svendson also shows in the Lafayette, Baton Rouge and New Orleans area.

As a fellow artist, friend and collector, I have been privileged to see Lue's style evolve over the last few years. Her background as a landscape architect seems to have given her a strong grasp of pleasing landscape colors and textures." says collector Karol Fleming. "My favorite pieces are very simple in composition but evoke a calm and serene energy reminiscent of less complicated times."

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House and Home — February 2013

Oil Painting On Canvas / Board — Up To 48’’
Lue Svendson / Rue du Galerie - Lafayette
An oil painting with wax medium on canvas prepped with black
gesso, “In My Imagination” is done in the landscape style and
measures 40’’ x 16’’.

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Artisan Awards

House and Home — February 2014

For the fourth consecutive year, House & Home invited designers.
craftsmen and artists to submit their top projects for consideration
in this year's Artisan Awards challenge. A variety of impressive
submissions demonstrates South Louisiana's abundant talent in
a cross-section of artistic trades. Congratulations to the winners!

Painting: Canvas/Board (Up to 48’’)
Lue Svendson / Svendson Studios - Lafayette
An oil painting with wax and gold leaf on canvas in the
landscape style, “Pastel Horizon” measures 36’’ x 36’’.

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