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I was excited in November to be part of the team that created the Google+ badge. Since then, it's been amazing to see the boost that a highly-visible badge can give to a +Page's followers -- 38% when we recently looked at the top sites. That launch was just the beginning, and we heard loud and clear that the badge needed to be more flexible, so it would fit better into a range of site designs. Now I'm thrilled to say that we're starting to roll out a badge that offers more configuration options, like more sizes and an option that's more suitable to darker sites. So add a Google+ badge to your site, make sure it's readily visible, and see user engagement with your +Page grow!

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I have a badge on my website - though I made it myself to match the theme and layout. It's a great way to integrate my website with my G+ page. I'm glad to see there are more options now!
I'm having a problem, the badge won't show up on my site. I don't think the g:plus tag worked. I changed it to A HREF and IMG and neither worked. =(
I have a WordPress site that I would love to have my page's badge on; however, I believe the badges use Javascript, and WordPress does not work well with that. Can anyone suggest any plugins or anything so that I can get the badge on my site?
some of the badges use just a simple html code.... you could possibly just grab the code when its developed . my google code never seem to work . thin ki need more in my circles lol
Mine is Wordpress as well +Brian Szenay and the badge does work, the size modification isn't working though. You need to install something like the "General Headers & Footers" plugin by David Gibbs. Add the first section of the badge code there and then the section that says "Place this where you want the badge to render" at a page or in a widget.
I am reluctant to stick the badge on my page until there is a better way to update pages. I really really wish Google would take notice of the rest of the world and provide an email address I can send an email to - to update my page :(
So, just out of curiosity, as someone that writes a personal blog, why can I not create a badge for my personal profile?
I just used this on my own site: and while it worked, I found the directions a bit cumbersome. I understand that this was probably made by a 'developer', but sometimes I thinks 'developers' forget to think like a 'lay-person', automatically assuming that we're all versed at the same levels of technical understanding.

I'd really like to see this feature as a WordPress widget, maybe for JetPack in the coming months. I can see the potential, but's be much easier if teh steps of placing in template and header were described better, or as I said a Jetpack Widget.
+Brian Szenay I also added it to my site, but used the code in a generic text box in my margin on the template. Check it out at
I pasted the tracking code into the head of my HTML document for my blog, then pasted the badge code into the sidebar. The badge is not visible in my sidebar, but the Rich Snippet Testing Tool rendering shows my G+ profile photo, but no rich snippet like number of followers or "Follow on G+".
I'm redesigning our current website (making a new website [of course with same domain] applying as I learn more CSS and javascrpt needed for the redesign I want on the website) for the sole purpose of being able to add the Google+ badge that I will be more than happy to add to my website.

The company that I had recreate our present website design from the original design are clowns that don't appear to know how to paste in the javascript for the badge into the <head> and the simple html link on the page where the badge should appear.

It took me a long time to get them to add the Google+ button to our site. I've been trying for several months now (since we created our Google+ business page) to get them to add the badge and it still has not been added to this day.

I am nearing completion of my new website design (same domain of course, as I own that), so that I can add the badge to my website so that it can be connected to our Google+ business page. Unfortunately it is taking me longer than it would take an experienced web designer because I am applying what I learn as I am learning it, but at least this makes me able to do everything myself now.
I still wish Google would reconsider switching back to the original G+ logo with the four-color scheme. The new one doesn't get spotted as much (Google Analytics shows this trend on my sites) and its not as visually aesthetic. Beyond that, I liked the representation of the four Google colors as it symbolized, at least to me, that G+ was a central core to Google services and apps which I believe is the intention and direction of the G+ platform. And Google, in general, as it continues to streamline its business under Larry Page's leadership.
+Brian Szenay If you are talking about then you are correct that we are unable to use javascript, however (self-hosted) users can.
+Lucy Hadden Will there be something similar created for users (something non javascript) so we can add the badge to our sites/ blogs?
Great! But there's one thing that bothers me: why can't the border be removed? It doesn't fit with basically any website that already has a border for its sidebar...
+Gerwin Sturm : I think we've fixed the link. But thanks!

+Henry A. Otero and anyone else who's having trouble with the widths: as this post mentions, the new widths are in developer preview right now, which means that we're letting people who make web pages see what they'll be getting before everyone else sees these changes. No fear -- the new badges will show up for everyone very soon.

But in the meantime, for the width and color controls to show up, you need to have signed up here: (Note that this will let you preview G+ platform features for more than just brand badges.)
+Richard Gailey (and anyone else on WordPress): I'll make sure that the right people hear about your concern.
Hmm I feel a little ignored here with my question about feed inside gadget support... I simply want to have a gadget on my blog displaying latest posts from the associated Google+ page. I am ready to ditch Twitter as the suporting microblog when this is ready and I guess many out there must be thinking the same. So this is not just a request from some geek, it is one of these little but important things that can help Google+ being part of the "social networking race".
Currently there is a 3rd party plugin from

but is all too simple and flawed (for example can't click the feed links to get to that particular post)

And here you see it in action on my blog

So again I would just like to know, will there be support for Google+ feeds in gadgets?
Wow...I haven't ever thought about doing a video for my site...This video was way cool with an electrician talking about Google Ad Sense...Sweet...I just love it and I'm going to listen to it a few more time...Thanks for taking the time to get me here to YOUR SITE about'm just still getting into all of this Internet Marketing SEO stuff...I am wokring more and more on my Googlei Website page...It's been tough for me to figure all this out, but I just love it to the max...I'll have to do even more research on Badges now...There is just so much...Thanks again...rk
The possibility to adapt width and background color (dark sites) are a great improvement. Thank you! Just sad that the announced unified +1 and circling count is still missing. I explained already in November in the following posts and why displaying the +1 count alone on the Google+ badge is inefficient. I will wait until this is fixed before displaying the Google+ badge on my website, as the +1 count is totally unrepresentative of my Google+ page's real popularity and activity.
+C. Marien As the blog post above ( mentions, the new badges do incorporate the unified +1 and circling count. I'm seeing the new count on, for example,'s badge on its website when I'm logged into this account (which happens to be in the publisher preview group). Bear in mind, though, that you have to be in the publisher preview group, and you'll only see the new number when you visit the preview site ( if
1. you are in the publisher preview group AND
2. you are logged in to a Google product (gmail, Google+, etc) with the same Google account you signed up for the publisher preview group.
Hi again. Please accept my apologies for this post being so long. I am pointing out an issue having different results between using Firefox and Chrome browsers, while both being logged into a publisher preview group while logged into a Google product (gmail, Google+, etc), and while just being logged into a Google product.

First this question that lead to finding this issue. Am I understanding correctly that the only way to see the correct (combined?) numbers of +1's and # of people who added your site to their circles is if you are logged into a "publisher preview group", and logged into a Google product?

I am not able to see the correct (combined?) numbers of +1s and # of people that added us to their circles when viewing the website from Firefox whether logged into a publisher preview group while logged into a Google product (gmail, Google+, etc), or while just being logged into a Google product.

I was finally able to see the correct numbers last night using Firefox but I can no longer see it today (tonight).

I'm using Chrome right now and I can see the correct number when I'm only logged into a Google product (gmail, Google+, etc) yet not logged into the publisher preview group. I mean, I can see the correct number when I'm only logged into Google+ or when I'm only logged into info@mydomain name (which is a Google app on Google servers) or when I'm logged into a regular gmail account, as well as when I'm logged into both publisher preview group and any of the Google products above (gmail, Google+, etc), as long as I'm using Chrome browser.

Check my website with both browsers to see what I mean:

When I try to log into the publisher preview group using Firefox (I've already joined the group through Chrome), I click the "sign in" link and it just loops right back to the exact same page, where I am still not logged it.

When I click the "sign in and apply to join this group" or "join this group" links the tab title says "redirecting" and the page is spinning over and over going nowhere. When/if it stops I get an error that says:

"The page isn't redirecting properly

Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies.".

Disabling cookies doesn't work because then I'm not able to log into the gmail account that I need to log into in order to be allowed to log into the publisher preview group.

It appears that the javascript isn't rendering correctly in Firefox but works fine in Chrome. I thought it might be just the javascript for the calculating the numbers that wasn't working but because none of the links on the publisher preview group site work using Firefox I'm figuring that it might be another issue between the javascript and Firefox.

( Of course I do not have NoScript enabled when logged into any of the accounts but I'm wondering if Firefox NoScript has a built in block for something in what this javascript logs).

I also read somewhere before adding the badge that if you already had a +1 button on your site that you can still add the badge without removing the +1 button.

I find that having the two results in not all of the +1's show up for the badge. The badge only appears to count +1's for posts but not add +1's for your Google+ business page or website, so there are two different / separate totals going on. That seems a bit counter productive in that people will usually only + one or the other so the two numbers appear to be almost competing against one another.

And finally, one last question. Will everyone be able to see the total numbers of combined +1s and the number in your circles on sites that have the badge in them? I hope so, otherwise it looks like nobody added your site/page to their circles and that might make others not want to add it into their circles because of that.

Thank you in advance to anyone that can help with this.
Nice work, the new badge is finally able to be adjusted for size, works well! I think the "Standard" badge, for pixel widths less than 260 should be updated where the blue "+1" gets moved up on the top row, to the right of the the green "Add to Circle" icon. Then, display the +n# of followers on the bottom left, and then next a row of followers profile pics. Its a trusting feature to be able to see the faces of users, this should be incorporated when possible.
My MS IE8 is running so slow I just deleted that puppy yesterday...I have reinstalled twice now and the speed is so slow I can't even believe it! I am totally on FireFox now and trying to figure out what went wrong with my IE...I want to really try CHROME but I don't have the nerve to try it yet...Plus, I'm trying the iGoogle and the Google+1 and all that and I'm getting a lot confused...I think that's why I backed off...However, all the above thoughts are helping me and the BADGE things is another item I need to do more research on too! Whew...Does it ever slow down????
Thanks everyone!!
i'm having the same problem as +Steven Streight and i got my code from the page you pointed to, +Sean McGuire . :-(

all i have showing up on my page is a blank box with the words "+ Add to your" at the bottom. :-P

is the large gray box on the developers page ( ) supposed to have something showing in it? if so, then perhaps that's a clue as to why it's not working for me, because all i see is gray there. (well, and the words "Set your Google+ page link" until i've actually done it.)

which are the non-javascript options? doesn't allow javascript (except on older, grandfathered-in, sites.)
+meg dunn Thanks for confirming the reality of the problem I also was experiencing. There's something sloppy about this whole promotion. It's not even ready for beta testing, much less public rollout.
+meg dunn The non-javascript options are the "icon" options (next to "configure your badge"). As with Wordpress, I'll let the right people know about; there may not be anything to be done (other than use the icons), but I'll check. The configuration tool is, in fact, supposed to start out with a big empty gray box at the top -- it's very hard to preview a badge until there's an ID to use, and we'd much rather you be sure to make a badge for your own +Page, and not someone else's. :-)

Does a badge render properly in the preview once you've put your +Page's ID in the box? Is the problem in generating the badge in the first place, or in getting it to show up on your site?

+Sean McGuire Now that the launch is complete, the consistent overall counts are shown to everyone regardless of whether they're logged in. The badge will show the same number as is shown on the linked +Page.
+Lucy Hadden As far as I can tell, I'm able to make a badge. It gives me code which I can use, at least. The gray box is always a gray box except in the very beginning when it's a gray box with words in it. But those go away once I enter the ginormous long string of numbers that google uses to identify me instead of just using my username. If something is supposed to be happening in the gray box other than it being gray, that's not happening. (I'm using Google Chrome 16.0.912.77 on a Mac which is running OSX 10.7.3)

... I just put an icon on my page and when I went to make it, I did notice that that showed up in the gray box. The other two types of badges don't.
+Lucy Hadden. Thanks, yes I did notice that once the update (launch) was completed. Thank you very much for your reply. Now I see how it works.

I do wonder however if to the left of the red badge it should say the name the name of my website or should it say 'We're on' like it does now.

I think someone else in another post brought up the fact that their website name is there rather than 'We're on', as is on my website. Or should this even matter?

Also, I have a different number for the +1 button that I have had in the right side of my website that I had before I added the badge. As I mentioned somewhere earlier (maybe in another post? ) I believe I had read somewhere is one of the Google help posts that we didn't need to remove the +1 button whenwe added the badge, that it would give users/visitors two places to interact with your site.

I would rather have visitors add my Google+ page and for that number to be added to my Google+ badge count than to just add a +1 via the +1 button. Do these two compete with each other?

As I mentioned above the Google+ badge count for +1s and the +1 button count are different, so it appears the two may be competing against each other. Otherwise, why the difference in the numbers/totals?

Thanks again for you helpful replies here. I appreciate getting to understand how these work.
+meg dunn Hm. If the gray box never shows a badge even after you put in the long string of numbers, something is definitely not working. The configuration tool will generate code, but it then renders exactly that generated code in the gray box. So if the code isn't rendering there, it won't render on your page, either. Are you putting in the ID for your personal profile? Because the badges won't work for personal profiles, just for +Pages. Icons, as you see, will work (mostly because there's no check there for page IDs vs personal IDs).

+Sean McGuire The "We're on" vs "[company name] on" is strictly a matter of the width of the badge and the length of your company's name. If you go to "advanced options" in the configuration tool, and enter a width that's >300px (the default), you can see how wide a badge you'd need to show your full company name. But then you'd need to give the badge that much real estate on your page.

The +1 button and badge shouldn't compete with each other. The badge shows both the number of people who +1'd the page and the people who've added it to circles; I'm not sure that the +1 button does the same -- it may only show the +1s. So that would account for the difference in numbers. (The badge and your +Page should have matching numbers; they do report the same thing.)
+Lucy Hadden First I would like to thank you for your reply. It makes complete sense now.

Curious, were you responsible for my account being disabled (or whatever it's called)?

After another infuriating experience with Google's silly "something appears to be wrong. please try again" error message when trying to post here earlier I finally saw in my profile a very general, nonspecific message (I don't know anyone that would look in their profile unless they planned on adding / changing something, so it was quite a while before I found it) saying something was wrong with either my name or something else in my profile (yes, those were the options). I edited out the business name in the 'A brief description of you' field thinking that might be the issue and it appears it likely was.

I see that done often in the profiles of other people that circle me, there business name or their website address (which should have a business page like any other business/blog/website) under their personal names. In fact, that's where I got the idea and I just added it to mine a couple of days ago.

It would really have been nice if I was just notified that that was a problem and I would have edited it out.

This has really left such a bad taste in my mouth that I have about lost interest in continuing with anything to do with Google.

The other day I was trying to comment to a post from my business profile and rather than getting an error message saying something humane like 'business profiles aren't allowed to comment here. Please comment from your personal profile', I got an error message saying "Something appears to be wrong. Please try again.", and that is just what I did, I tried again. And again, and again. In fact, I kept trying because I didn't know that I wasn't allowed to comment from a business profile so that never came to mind, and I thought something was wrong with my connection or something like that. Infuriating.

I am new to being active in social media and am learning as I go along. I am so utterly put off by the way this was communicated that I'm finding it hard to express what I want to say.

I can think of no risk or potential for abuse by communicating with users in a rational manner when something is wrong rather than making us feel like unwelcomed criminals.

I don't mean to give out to you but I am really offended by the way this was communicated. I know Google may feel they are invincible but I'm sure anyone else would feel the same. If minor errors on the part of users are going to continue to be dealt with like major offences I don't think that will go over with users too well in the long run.


Following is what I had tried to post earlier (I'm not so hopeful now):

Thank you so much again for your helpful explanation. It makes complete sense now. I am so glad that it is working like it's supposed to!

Now I need to figure out a way to get local people (San Francisco Bay Area) to add us to their circles, haha! (<sarcasm> moving is such an exiting topic for people that they are lining up to hear about it.)</sarcasm>

I wonder if you can create a widget of some sort that can show a stream of posts that we post on our Google+ page (Google+ business page), so we post updates, specials, holiday greetings or whatnot on our Google+ page and have it show in this stream on our website. This enables us to use our Google+ business page to interact with users, without feeling like we have to decide whether to spend more time on our Google+ page or on our website in order to perform the same objectives.

I like the whole Google+ idea for anything and everything. It's just that now we have to find the time to try to keep up with both of them at the same time as the day to day operations of running the business (hiring out for this is no longer an option for us as we have been ripped off royally in the past few years by various so called SEO and website experts, so we have been learning to do these things ourselves such as; on-site and off-site SEO, HTML, CSS, javascript, Python and other programming languages that are widely used these days; and applying these things as we learn them).

Thank you again for your help.


Although my sentiments at this point are not so positive. I did "like the whole Google+ idea". I was feeling pretty passionate about Google and Google+. Now, not so much.

Thanks for letting me vent.
can confirm the above-mentionned problem: nothing appears neither in the preview box, nor on my website after having correctly implemented the code.

Frustrating. It's not rocket science, we're talking about a badge here. And they can play a crucial role in spreading G+. Look at how easy it is to implement facebook or twitter badges, and they look good too!
Hi. It's possible to have a badge in my website with a transparent background?! I don't like the white (light) or black (dark) themes background colors ... If someone can explain how to remove that background color with will be wonderful to everyone that have websites with different colors ... Thanks for helping!