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Lucky Rihal
Simple enough Good enough!
Simple enough Good enough!
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Looking forward to England vs Italy tonight!! #WorldCup

Netherlands nailed it 5-1 #WorldCup

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Religious hate crime!

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Could this be the next #Nexus phone from #Google?
Have +Android leaked an image of the new +Nexus 6? #Nexus #Google #Android  

Check it out:

Just updated my Nexus 5 to Android 4.4.3. Phone has gone bit slow but it might be for few minutes. I can't really notice what's new with this update? #Android #Nexus

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I like this!

Liverpool were fantastic this season. We didn't win the title but it takes hard work to come second in league! #YNWA

I'll be disappointed with +WWE if Daniel Bryan doesn't leave Wrestlemania as a Champion!
#DanielBryan #Wrestlemania #WWE #WM30

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Thats one beautiful design for a phone. Just wish I could buy that right now!
The HTC One M8 is officially here. It's a 5-inch, quad-core Android phone with a slick metal body. Looks like HTC didn't want to mess too much with a good thing.
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