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Nothing conveys your love for a girl, like a Strawberry Roulade... brownie points for baking it yourself and adding little hearts :)

Love you right back +Alejandro Adalid :D

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Very unique concept to melt a heart of a girl. 'GUYS pls try once this new concept................ur beloved may like it?
this pic is like a punishment that I can't even touch it!
you are right my dear a real punishment to all that see it or feel it.
when you fund some one that love you and you know in your heart, all you need to do is to love him dear i do love you for who you are not what you are..regard paul.
no my dear, it's not a pain no gain my dear. such is life.regard paul koffi.
how u doing my dear hope cool n nice?
i am fine my dear please kindly give me ur email or mobile number so that i can call you.
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