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Matrimandir of Auroville
The cynosure of Auroville ( and also a place not easily accessible to casual travelers.

For #WideWednesdayPanorama by +Andrew Marston +Ken McMahon and myself +Lucille Galleli
#VibrantWednesday by +Ajay Hatti
#PhotographingIndia by myself +Lucille Galleli
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Interesting looking and, judging by the Wikipedia entry) sounding place. And a great shot +Lucille Galleli. I keep expecting that golden orb to rise into the sky, like the opening sequence in a sci-fi movie. Not very spiritual, I know.
Dear Lucille, I have created a Foundation and named it Heart and Sun Foundation. One of the goals of the Foundation is to make people more aware of Auroville and to support the town. I have been in Auroville 7 times. I came upon your beautiful photo today and I would like to ask you for permission to publish it on the site of the Foundation - namely, here:
I am looking forward for your reply. Thanks!
Thanks much +Lyubomir Dimitrov. I have no problem with this photo being used on Glad you liked it. If you need it in a different format or size, let me know. Cheerz!
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