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So are you shooting in India??

Thank you for your interest in #PhotographingIndia
If you would like to contribute to this theme, all you need to do is:

Include the Hashtag #PhotographingIndia to your post.
-Optionally, if you mention that it's curated by +Lucille Galleli, it'll help me by shooting out a notification.

Add the photo tag +PhotographingIndia to your photos
- This includes it in the +PhotographingIndia community album.
- It also ensures that all comments and +1s on your images are added to your photograph and not scattered around the googleverse.

As a one time activity, do consider adding the page +PhotographingIndia to your circles
- That way the page can comment on your post and share it with people interested in this theme.

Spread the word
- Participation is directly proportional to FUN :)

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this is agra tajmahal in india
i am new here i cam after 1 hour ago i dont understand system of google +
It's about the theme... If you take a photo in India, while posting use the tag #PhotographingIndia and add the photo tag +PhotographingIndia so that others interested in the same topic can view pics from multiple sources on a single page...
No problem +Ismail Khan .. it's live and learn for all of us...
Do you know what a hashtag is? for eg #PhotographingIndia #AllThingsRed #YisforYellow #floralfriday ... if you shoot any of these subjects, add the tag and the person who is curating the theme will comment on the post and help introduce you to a lot of people. There are several non photography related themes available as well.. you can take part based on your interest and make more friends online that way ...
Hope this helps :)
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