So are you shooting in India??

Thank you for your interest in #PhotographingIndia
If you would like to contribute to this theme, all you need to do is:

Include the Hashtag #PhotographingIndia to your post.
-Optionally, if you mention that it's curated by +Lucille Galleli, it'll help me by shooting out a notification.

Add the photo tag +PhotographingIndia to your photos
- This includes it in the +PhotographingIndia community album.
- It also ensures that all comments and +1s on your images are added to your photograph and not scattered around the googleverse.

As a one time activity, do consider adding the page +PhotographingIndia to your circles
- That way the page can comment on your post and share it with people interested in this theme.

Spread the word
- Participation is directly proportional to FUN :)

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