Students and teachers are invited  to participate in a Google Hangout with Vermont educator, Mr. Bill Holiday, live from Dallas Texas, on the day before the 50 Anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  Mr. Holiday has interviewed several eyewitness as part of his research on the assassination and teaches a high school history course on this topic. 

Here are a few ways you can participate.  

1) Post questions from your students  in the comments below.  Mr. Holiday will use these questions in the Hangout on Air described below.

2)  If you want to be invited to the Hangout  or participate in the EVENT on AIR by adding your comments and photos, request an invite using the comments below.  (please make sure all G+ participation is from a teacher account or student age 13 or older) 

3) If you have younger students,  please check out other ways you can participate using Voicethread  or Blogger by following this link.

Mr. Holiday will be conducting a Hangout on Air on November 21 (the day before the assassination of President JFK to answer students questions about "Why there are still so many answered questions 50 years after the assassination of President Kennedy?"   (TIME To be announced) 
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