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Travel & Landscape Photography from over 90 Countries around World ~
Travel & Landscape Photography from over 90 Countries around World ~

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Despite this being my 5th visit to Cyprus, this was my 1st visit to this eastern part of the island. I was really surprised how many great rock formation and magical sea caves can be found there.

Cape Greco area is very popular and relatively easy to reach and it was busy with people most of the time. Thankfully during sunset time, I got very lucky and had this wonderful location all for myself. One of advantages of visiting Cyprus in low season!

Europe - Cyprus - Κύπρος - Kýpros - Third largest island in Mediterranean Sea - Ayia Napa - Agia Napa - Αγία Νάπα - Southeast coast of Cyprus - Cavo Greco natural park - Cape Greko - Unique sea caves area with natural rock formations created over millenia, surrounded by crystal clear turquoise-colored water

#Cyprus #Κύπρος #Kýpros #Mediterranean #Mediterranean Sea #AyiaNapa #AgiaNapa #ΑγίαΝάπα #CavoGreco #CapeGreko 

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It is a first spring day today, so lets start this new season with ever longer days and earlier and earlier sunrise times with some spring flowers, this time from dramatic coastline of Cornwall.

Europe - UK - England - Cornwall - North Cornish Coast - Newquay - Whipsiderry Beach at Porth with cliffs that rise out of the Atlantic Ocean with Sea Pink or Purple Sea Thrift Flower in bloom growing wild on Cornish coastal cliffs

#Europe #UK #England #Cornwall #Cornish #Newquay #Atlantic #SeaPink #SeaThrift

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It seems, that there is not always tomorrow even when it comes to iconic natural locations. I just found out that this iconic location of Malta is lost forever after total collapse that happened today or yesterday.

It has been such an incredible place to visit and I was looking forward to revisit it again. GOT fans might have noticed it in one of the early episodes of the 1st season.

Let this post be reminder that we should not leave things for tomorrow if we can do them today !

#Malta #Gozo #TieqaTadDwejra #AzureWindow #collapse 

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This was one of those moments when I wasnt really sure what location I should pick for sunset. I was hoping for more dramatic clouds over the iconic parliament building, as sometimes great clouds can carry wonderful colors in different direction than just the sunset/sunrise location. Unfortunately it wasnt the case. I explored the entire area of this famous bridge, but it is actually really tricky to capture it. When you stand on east bank facing sunset, there are too many lamps and power lines in the view. When you are on the bridge, the heavy traffic constantly shakes the bridge, so no chance for steady shots. At the end I discovered this angle from its 3rd part (it is unique 3 way bridge) and it turned out the be the best location for that given day. Clouds were wonderful and the calm, mirror like Danube river nicely finished this shot.

Europe - Hungary - Magyarország - Budapest - Capital City - UNESCO World Heritage Site - Margit Híd - Margaret Bridge - Three-way bridge connecting Buda and Pest across Danube river - Second oldest public bridge in Budapest

#Hungary #Budapest #UNESCO #MargitHíd #MargaretBridge #Danube #Sunset

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Middle East is not known for its amazing sunsets, but occasionally something spectacular occurs. This cloud with setting sun was perfectly positioned just next to the tallest building in the world - iconic Burj Khalifa

Middle East - GCC - United Arab Emirates - UAE - Dubai - Dubai Water Canal - Dubai Creek - Artificial canal with modern sky high buildings with iconic Burj Khalifa

#GCC #UnitedArabEmirates #Emirates #UAE #Dubai #BurjKhalifa

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Santa Semana (Holy Week) in Spain is a very unique experience. I got a chance to capture it in multiple locations in Andalusia last year and I realized how challenging it can be to capture some cool images. There are always huge crowds of "regular" looking people that you don't want in your photos. Photos of processions work the best if they are captured in front of some interesting (historical) or at least neutral background. My first experience was in Cordoba and its magnificent Cathedral courtyard, but there were so many people that it was near impossible to get nearby. At the end, wonderful small historical town of Carmona proved to be the best option as it is not very touristic town, but still very picturesque with ancient Moorish walls and historical gates and yet another impressive cathedral.

This year I'm considering to spend time during Santa Semana in Catalonia or little bit around. If any of you have any tips for some great, less known towns where those processions are great to capture, all tips and recommendations would be very welcome !

#SantaSemana #HolyWeek #Spain #España

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Bokod is the lake in Hungary, about 80 kilometers west of Budapest. It’s an interesting and beautiful place. Plenty of old fishing houses on the water which look rather romantic with the various wooden bridges. Unfortunately there is a huge smoking and loud factory on the shore of the lake that destroys almost all views from every position.

Europe - Hungary - Magyarország - Komárom-Esztergom county - Bokod - Water village with houses on lake with wooden walkways near Bokod

#Europe #Hungary #Magyarország #KomáromEsztergom #Bokod

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The palafito pier of Carrasqueira, spanning hundreds of meters by muddy creeks of the River Sado, is a masterpiece of folk architecture. Unique in Europe, was built on fragile wooden stakes, in the 1950s and 1960s. The pier is a harbor for fishing boats in the village of Carrasqueira. Throughout the different piers rise small houses built of wood, which serve as storage rooms.

Europe - Portugal - Alcácer do sal - Palafito Pier of Carrasqueira - Masterpiece of folk architecture - Palafito pier spanning hundreds of meters by muddy creeks of the River Sado at Sunset

#Portugal #AlcácerdoSal #Carrasqueira #Palafito #Sado 

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Hungary - #Budapest #UNESCO #HungarianParliament on eastern banks of #Danube River during magical misty morning 

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Portugal is so blessed with stunning and dramatic coastline. Baleal is a wonderful example of that. It is a unique small windswept peninsula with an old whaling village and very impressive limestone cliffs softened by the millennia of natural forces. Continuing the cove there are also the islet of the Doves and the Out islet. The Baleal inherited the name of the function that these rocks played in the past as whaling site.

Europe - Portugal - Região Centro - Central Region - Baleal - Rocky peninsula on shores of North Atlantic - Unusual Limestone Cliffs at Baleal Peninsula during late evening light

#Europe #Portugal #RegiãoCentro #CentralRegion #Baleal #Atlantic
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