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New photos from Canary Islands, Spain are now updated on my web. Each of those islands can be so different from Tenerife with its impressive Teide volcano, Gran Canaria with its famous sea of sand dunes or relatively isolated Fuerteventura with least amount of giant holiday resorts, all offering wonderful weather nearly all year around.

Come and see this beautiful country through my lens on :
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+Lucie Debelkova I know this button..but usually I share through "what's app" like...first I tap on the photo then share it to my friends who are not on g+ but are in my contact list. I want to share out of g+ circle. Hope you got me..thanks!
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It has been very busy many previous weeks, but hopefully things might settle down a bit and during that time I might have time to update some of my personal portfolio.

New photos from Sweden - both Stockholm and Kiruna with its nearby Icehotel are now updated on my web.

Come and see this beautiful country through my lens on :
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Flickr has just changed the design for individual photos. I actually like it more than the old one, all photo description is there but you cant see all comments. I just hope this move wont kill the flickr activity.

What do you think about the new design ?

(The old design is the top screenshot, the new one is the one below, the link to featured photo is : ;))
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+Giuseppe Maria Galasso
I could not agree more, unfortunately... I'm not sure what the management decision will be when the numbers show the new reality.. lets hope ;)
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Lucie Debelkova

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As I talked to the waiter after the breakfast this morning trying to understand why one island is called Isle of Harris and Isle of Lewis (with no explanation given), he also mentioned it will be very busy this summer as these isles won some travel award and people made lot of bookings for this year. I google it out and found that Lewis and Harris had secured a place in the Tripadvisor's Travellers’ Choice global top ten and won fifth place:

These isles or rather this island is truely wonderful and I'm glad I finally made it here ! And on top of that - It is always good to beat the crowds !!
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Lucie Debelkova

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Last night there were THE perfect conditions for Northern Lights at THE perfect place, everybody wishes to capture it – Jökulsárlón - the Glacier Lagoon.

There was NO wind, temperature just below freezing, clear sky with millions of stars reflected on perfectly mirror like surface of the lagoon. The Alaskan Forecast for Aurora activity had just increased to level 5 – high activity – I’ve never seen it that high !
Me and 2 nature French photographers took the best places facing north and waited. I started to take shots of Milky Way which was beautifully visible and reflecting on the lagoon

… and then it started, one bus full of people after another… slowly but surely when the groups finished their dinner, they started to gather at this perfect place under those perfect conditions. Soon there must have been over 100 people with cameras & tripods, standing next to each other side by side.. wondering up and down the hill with their torches lit, just to ruin everybody else photo…

Then the Aurora started to slowly appear… and we all started to take photos, some even attempted to capture it with flash !! ( I wonder if the camera was still set to automatic !!) And under such conditions, I, my French companions and another over 100 people captured this unique moment in better or worse way.

Gone are the days when I spend nights waiting there with just one or two other photographers.

As for the aurora, it hardly moved the chart on magnetic field, both on Icelandic station and just a little on the Tromso one, which I both keep monitoring. The display was not the most spectacular I’ve seen… however what was very new, were those amazing colors !! Incredible scale from usual yellow, green to purple or very bright red !! I was told that colors are incredible when there is no Moon in the sky. I’m not sure if that was the case or that particularly strong solar burst, that made Alaska forecast go that high, was the cause of that but the experience was unique..

I’ll be sharing my photos later, or you just might see them on 100 different places before me, when this giant crowd starts posting it online !! (They probably started already)
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+Jedrek Spiewak
I have many links I check and surely this is one of them. Thank you for sharing !
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Lucie Debelkova

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Welcome to the Monkey land, is exactly how I feel, having now been back to Iceland for few days. I had this amazing 10 years long running love affair with Iceland and I always loved to come back, until now. There are crowds of photographers everywhere and it is a low season !! It feels like any monkey, that can pick up a camera and find Iceland on the map, is now running workshop in Iceland !! As of now the famous glacier black sand beach with pieces of ice holds a new record of how many photographers you can find on a single place, and I mean people with tripods, seriously looking gear, not your regular snappers… luckily there is lot of ice now, so people can spread, but it is scary view… and what happens when the beach gets empty with only one or two pieces of ice… I would not like to see that. Famous waterfalls - Seljalandsfoss or Skogafoss were under constant invasion from small vans bringing new loads of photo eager snappers all the time. And if you are unlucky (as I was) you have to get in line of many photographers on places like Vik or Hvítserkur, which completely kills any chance for creativity or original shot.

I guess I can be thankfull that I have experienced Iceland when it was just rare far away island, off from anybody itinerary..

So those of you that cant wait to come and explore this amazing island, prepare yourself for being constantly surrounded by groups… even or especially at dusk or dawn that would have previously been wonderfully deserted from daylight visitors.
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Salut je suis un future photograf
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It is being said that a picture is worth a thousand words and it is very true statement, however what if you put thousands of pictures together ?

I had the incredible luck to experience once in a life time Northern lights show created by huge Solar storm which brought unseen colors ranging from the usual green, yellow to red, purple or even blue, to the sky all over Nordic countries and even all the way to the south of UK. Add several other lucky nights with smaller or large Aurora Borealis appearance in unique landscape of Iceland and the result is relatively lot of footage for my first ever time-lapse video.

Here is first of my two videos that I put together from several weeks in Iceland, those sleepless nights spent in freezing temperatures in unique Icelandic landscape were surely worth it.

Let me know how do you like it ?
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super photo, super-duper timelapse! hat's off (or is it ear muff? LoL!) to you!
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Lucie Debelkova

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I'm seriously getting worried about 500px, not only that the popular page is seriously polluted with really really bad photos from those "NONSTOP clickers" that just “fave” & “like” anything that enters 500px in order to get some of that activity back - whenever you see bad photo on popular page, you can click on the profile of that person only to see thousands and thousands of photos in their favorites !!

And on top of that they just forced this new photo purchase on every photo. I was trying to find out how to switch it off without success...

Anybody had more luck with switching it off ????

What is your view on 500px situation ? It used to be premium photo sharing site. Unfortunately it seems that those days are long gone..

(featured photo :
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+Barbara Jones
wow, I'm surprised to hear that you got nearly banned for leaving a bad comment. I did send email to 500px how annoyed I'm with all those fave spammers, I discovered one with 300K in his fave !! Their responce was that their production team is working on some ideas...

I already see that I need much more fave/likes to get same score as people with average photos... some strange algorithm is in place already, so if anybody has over 20 000 or even 10 000 faves, that should be used to divide the scoring of their photos, because it is not equal at this moment anyway !!

in regards to the store, it is just too forced and now it doesnt look like photo sharing site but photobank.. !!!! It is perfectly fine to have the store there, but it should be free decision of every member if they want to have it or not and if yes, those prices should be set by each photographer not forced by 500px team. The store is just begging for attention with that amount of space given to it... put reasonably sized icon with shop beneath the photo and people can chose their options later.. not like it is now... is 500px photo sharing or photo selling site now ??!!
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Lucie Debelkova

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I knew I was near 10 million views mark on my Flickr account any day now but when I checked my account stats just now, I didnt expect to be already 118K over that mark. Suddenly one older photo got more than 100K views over just few days, you simply never know what might catch someone else attention.

I would like to say "Big Thank You" to all of you that were part of those views !!

If you didnt visit my flickr account just yet, feel free to check it on :
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Europe - Scandinavia - Norway - North of the Arctic Circle - Lofoten Islands - Moskenes - Hamnoy

#Norway #Scandinavia #Lofoten #photography #travel  

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beautiful indeed
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Lucie Debelkova Travel & Landscape Photography from over 90 countries around the world, particularly from Middle East region - Yemen, Iran, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Syria, Jordan and others. Large collections from Asia (from far and distant Mongolia to super modern HongKong) & Europe (from historical marvels of Prague to the most northen point of Europe - North Cape - where the sun never sets during few months a year).
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Philosophy of Photography

My philosophy is to take positive photographs highlighting the best a place has to offer, whether that is the vibrancy of the landscapes, the architectural grandeur of ancient monuments or modern architecture, the warmth and friendliness of the people or the magic of my favorite part of day - Twilight - the Blue hour.

The blue hour, coming from a "French expression "l'heure bleue," refers to twilight, the period each morning and evening where there is neither full daylight nor complete darkness. The time is considered special because of the quality of the light."

I enjoy capturing places in an eye-catching and colourful way; from the very old traditional or very modern places of the Middle East region to bustling backstreets of Asia to the spectacular cities of Europe. My collection of images focused primarily on low light scenes; from iconic travel destinations to lesser known places and the people who inhabit them.

Compositionally I aim for clarity and often simplicity to communicate my ideas and look for balance wherever possible. I seek out spectacular and vivid light to create a sense of wonder. Colour is a tonic to me and something I actively seek out.

The photographs on this site show all the success I have had with my images but none of the failures. For every sucessful trip where there has been good light there a 5 times as many that produce very little in the way of images. Landscape & travel photography is hard work and requires a significant amount of time and dedication.