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Four minutes of video too important to miss

h/t: +Philena Rush
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There is no justice,  when people fill the wants of the few, and they outweigh needs of the many....
I'm glad she has the tenacity to keep asking the question when she doesn't get a real answer.  Hopefully it will eventually be answered...
What kind of justice we have in America if we cannot prosecute big corporations who caused the fall of the economy? But we can jail innocent people for 50 years. How is that Democracy?
I really really disagree w Warren on a hundred things but I am glad she is spearheading this. Go EW!
I saw this earlier this morning. Amazingly, great at exposing SEC incompetence or should I say compliance with Wall St. banks head legal council and departments.  Senator Kay Hagen of NC followed must dig out on
Why don't we all just make Anti-Re-Rap 
(an idea of mine)
you can build anything,  out of "Voxel" tiny cubes, that are small clusters of materials, components etc, these are adhered together by painting them with adhesives with differing properties, like conductive, heat sinking etc, these "target  adhesive inks" must all be dissolvable with one or more target "solvents"

So build, dissolve, sort, build something else
add more, etc

No need for anyone but us,
its not  going to be easy but nothing that was good ever was, lets print a smart phone...
Add in this idea-Free energy through use of algae
(Co2+waste water in)--->Photo-bio-reactor---(algae)-----Solar drier---------(dry  algae)-----Solar Gasifier-----(Syn-gas)-(Wave  Disk engine)----(energy+ exhaust(Co2))

LOL!  They are TERRIFIED of her!  XD
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