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Lucian Randolph

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It's the 35th anniversary of the classic sci-fi horror, Alien

As a tribute to the film, the Poster Posse has produced a series of new images in the form of movie posters. Many of them are available to purchase as a print. If you're a fan of the original Alien film, you'll enjoy these ツ
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How do you do ?
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Lucian Randolph

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a capella science presents, All About That Base (No Acid)

This is really funny :-)
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Lucian Randolph

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Baracus the White-Chest Dachshund... sung by me!

I will probably live to regret doing this, but my wife and children convinced me to record myself singing (a cappella) for an audio-enabled version of my children's picture book, Baracus the White-Chest Dachshund. The book is only available as an interactive audio picture book on the Apple iBooks Store. But if you have an iDevice (iPad, iPhone or iTouch), you can hear me sing the bedtime story I actually sing to my children at night during the holidays. If you want an entertaining source of Christmas cheer (and possibly a source of great humor), give it a try. I promise it won't shatter glass, or your eardrums. Be sure to leave me an embarrassing comment after you've listened. My family is counting on you to help them keep me red-faced this whole holiday season ツ
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Lucian Randolph

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This is perhaps the nicest compliment I've ever received

Isaac Asimov told me I should never read reviews of my books, so I don't. But my wife does read them, and this is one she just sent to me. I never had the opportunity to meet Heinlein, but I've read everything he ever wrote, including the non-fiction stuff. This is a compliment beyond my wildest dreams ツ

"Kept me wanting more and more !! Very good writing. Reminds of reading Heinlein. Short descriptions of technical things without becoming too wordy and trying to impress people with their knowledge." - watash, Amazon review of The Empty Eggs of Burning Light (

This review was on book 3, but the first ebook in the series is free. If you're looking for a fun sci-fi adventure, give it a try. Here's the links where you can download it for free it:
• B&N:
• iTunes:
• Google Play:
• Kobo:
• Smashwords:
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+Lucian Randolph Wasn't complaining, just pointing it out.  Probably 'cause I'm in Canada.
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Lucian Randolph

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My wife is an amazing artist. She did this in about an hour. I envy this type of talent :)
Drew a quick rooster for my sons pre-k class. I think they will like it. :) 
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Hey Lucian, I can see how to chat with Marie, but not you.  Any hints? or insights?
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Lucian Randolph

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Shark attacks, red shirts and statistics
Turns out it's not as dangerous to wear a red shirt on Star Trek as most people believe. (short video - 6:48)
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Quite a Cléver  Vid you've Located and Shared, thank you,  +Lucian Randolph ! 
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Lucian Randolph

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Thanks to everyone for helping, Beau is safe for now

I'm from Memphis (my parents still live there) and I've actually talked to the attorney in this case. It turns out that there was never any evidence presented that the dog killed a duck or threatened a child. It appears that it was all hearsay created when the dog tried to avoid being captured by strangers. On top of that, the city has spent thousands of dollars fighting this in court. This seems like a perfectly legitimate outrage of a story to me. And apparently the judge in the case agreed once all the facts were presented. The dog's execution has been stayed until the case can be heard by the State Appeals court. Here's the latest update :
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Lucian Randolph

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This is ridiculous. Help save Beau the Dog.
A dog with no prior history of aggression or biting is about to be put down because he killed a duck that wandered onto his property. This is nuts.
The city of Dyersburg, Tennesee is gaining national attention after their animal control department made a brash and merciless decision to sentence an innocent dog to death.
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Lucian Randolph

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Napoleon the Dachshund after learning about Caturday
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Napoleon looks like a short haired version of our dog.
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Lucian Randolph

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The Police Are Still Out of Control - by Serpico

This is one of the most credible and cogent assessments of the current state of police forces I've ever read. Disclaimer - I met Frank Serpico when I was young. I agreed with him then, and I still agree with him.
In the opening scene of the 1973 movie “Serpico,” I am shot in the face—or to be more accurate, the character of Frank Serpico, played by Al Pacino, is shot in the face. Even today it’s very difficult for me to watch those scenes, which depict in a very realistic and terrifying way what actually happened to me on Feb. 3, 1971....
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David Luce...and now the cops who roll up in militarized vehicles and turn their backs on NY Mayors (for admitting he also warned his Black son to be careful when dealing with NYPD) is getting a bill through Congress to make killing a policeman "in uniform" (whatever uniformand flak jacket he's donned before he rode into town on the tank I guess) anyway killing an officer is a  HATE CRIME. Guess how many over charging prosecutors will latch onto that ?  No matter the unarmed person THEY killed was black/brown/ etc.and the cops were prejudiced and they were probably committing a hate crime "in the line of duty"
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Lucian Randolph

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This sounds like it would make a good plot to a sci-fi book

Scientists have found accurate geologic evidence to support the theory that geomagnetic reversal can occur quickly, perhaps in under 100 years, which is almost instant in geological time. I helped with some of the research to develop and promote the theory of fast geomagnetic reversal, which makes this is satisfying news. But I also wrote a series of sci-fi books regarding the dangers posed by a malleable magnetic field, which makes this is a tiny bit disturbing. One of the researchers was quoted as saying,

“We should be thinking more about what the biologic effects would be.”

Well, duh!

Here's a link to the research press release from Berkeley:

h/t +Hugh Fathers 
A new study suggests that Earth’s magnetic field could take just 100 years to flip - and there’s evidence it could happen again in a couple o
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I just hope it doesn't screw up my hard drives...
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Lucian Randolph

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I've wanted one of these for a long, long time :)
If anyone's interested in buying the Smart Optical Table from Leonard's lab in the The Big Bang Theory...
ST Series. SmartTable® Optical Tables featuring IQ® Damping Technology. Improve vibration damping 10x (up to 22dB) with the push of a button – improve settling time, stability and throughput; Provide a work surface auto-tuned to your specific application – independent of load, one table for any ...
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Olá +Lucian Randolph ... Boa noite! Beijos
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Here are eight random facts you should know about me before you put me in a circle.
  1. I’m a philosopher and scientist. I tend to talk about both.
  2. I write a lot. More than once, I've produced a million words in a year
  3. I’m a terrible poet. But you can't stop poetry. It must come out eventually… like a sneeze.
  4. I consider myself an artist. But I've been told I shouldn't.
  5. My sense of humor operates in the 7th dimension only. Which means it's not visible in normal reality.
  6. I have traveled around the world more than once. It permanently inoculated me against racism, fascism and authoritarianism. If you suffer from any of these conditions, I suggest you travel more.
  7. I love a good book, a good conversation, a good drink and occasionally a good cigar.
  8. I’m not a spy… no matter what those guys in Belarus say.
Who am I and what do I do?

I get asked all the time about what I do. Typically, this is not a hard question for people to answer. However, one thing that can safely be said about me is that I am not typical. For almost four decades (I started young) I’ve been privileged to work on the forefront of advanced technology. Unfortunately, the nature of the work I do (and who I do it for) is restricted at best and outright classified in most cases. This, of course, makes it very difficult to explain what I do without breaking any of the rules I must operate under. But rules are rules… and the Romans love their rules.

These days, I mostly get paid to come up with new plans and systems, and with rare exception, the plans and systems are always for something big. For those who like traditional job titles, I usually function as the managing director for my government and military projects although I also consult and develop projects that are implemented by others. Much of the commercial work I do is called business development, although I am usually only involved in the consulting and startup phases of most entrepreneurial projects. One of my specialties is the development and commercialization of advanced technology, particularly at the bleeding edge, which is always on the forefront of knowledge.

In addition to developing these types of plans and systems, I’m often asked to come up with new solutions to certain intractable problems. I'm not saying I have all the answers. But in my professional life, I've always managed to come up with unique and novel solutions to the problems that were posed to me. Because I have experience with both entities, I also work with private groups to commercially develop and transfer technology from within the government, particularly the military and NASA.

On a personal note, I'm a husband and father; the best and hardest jobs I’ve ever had. Plus, I have a pack of eight mini dachshunds I use to hunt ceramic garden gnomes. I'm quite proud of my trophy room with little ceramic gnome heads. (And yes, I have a thing against garden gnomes, with their little pointy hats and their red cheeks. I'm especially gunning for that Travelocity gnome.)

(tl;dr) And finally, for those who like things summed up in a sound bite, someone once called me:

“A precociously smart, hyper-competitive guy with a bloodletting mean streak and a vicious sense of humor."

I'm rather proud of that ㋡

If there’s something I can help you with, drop me a note. If you need (or want) more information about me, the column on the bottom of this page contains links to interesting original articles that I have recently written on Google Plus. These are great indicators of the type of work I do and the nature of my interests. The ones marked with this smiley face ツ are possibly humorous. The list at the bottom has other tidbits from the archive there, too.
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