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Swiss Army Band playing military music at Metalli in Zug

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SwissNet Privacy Protection Pocket Knife

The SwissNet Privacy Protection Pocket Knife is a Swiss military knife with an integrated 32 GB USB stick to store all your data you won't store in a cloud but you will need all the time like your logins and passwords, your bank data, your personal data, etc.

No cloud can ever offer total privacy protection, even the most sophisticated encryption can be hacked one day, it's only a question of time!

SwissNet smart knife is your personal disaster recovery tool

But there is a simple way to protect your privacy always and everywhere!


Imagine that you take your Swiss Military Knife always with you and that it contains a USP stick where you have stored all your most sensitive data like logins, passwords, bank data, passport and ID card screenshots, social security number, etc.

We launched the SwissNet Privacy Protection Pocket Knife to offer you optimal privacy wherever you go, whenever you need, supposed that you carry your Swiss military knife with your USB stick, your SwissNet Privacy Protection Knife always with you an all your travels.

#SwissNet #SmartKnife #PrivacyProtection #PocketKnife  

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In 2017 classical telephony will be over!

More on VTX SME Business Lunch @ Campus FC Basel: 

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How to Join the UK Private Equity Conference 15 in London on May 29, 2015?

Join the UK Private Equity Conference on May 29, 2015 in London at the Waldorf Hilton Hotel

 An Industry changing event – that you won’t miss!
The UK Private Equity Conference 15 is one of the 6 events we organize in European regions, including in Iberia, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Scandinavia.

The UK Conference is going to take place on 29th May 2015 at the Waldorf Hilton in London.

This time many innovations will improve insights of the current market situation as well as networking opportunities.

The UK Private Equity Conference 15 is a one-day event, joining top notch keynotes and highly experienced panelists mainly from UK and other regions in Europe, along with well-rounded global professionals from different financial backgrounds.

The UK Conference will have more than 250 participants from top tier Private Equity Funds, Portfolio Companies, Venture Capitalists, Limited Partners, Wealth Managers and professional advisory services such as Investment Banks, Consultancies, Law and Accounting Firms making the UK Private Equity Conference a unique networking opportunity in the British PE space.

The UK Conference makes it our mission to provide participants with insightful debates into key trends affecting the industries and we do this by bringing together a group of highly talented and experienced professionals.

We welcome you to sign up for our conference and be part of this flagship event!

The Swiss Business Club, partnering with Private Equity Conference invites you the UK Private Equity Conference, held on May 29th at the Waldorf Hilton Hotel in London, UK.

As part of 10 leading conferences focusing on different regional markets, this one-day event brings together 250+ local and global industry decision makers (80+ LPs | 70+ GPs | 60+ Business Owners) and 50+ incredible speakers, including:

• Steve Dyson, Partner - APAX Partners
• Graham McDonald, Head of Private Equity-Aberdeen Assett Management
• Pilar Junco, Managing Directo - Blackstone Group
• Elias Korosis, Partner & Head of Strategy - Hermes GPE
• Daniel Zilberman, Managing Director - Warburg Pincus
• Joost Bergsma, CEO & Founder - Glenmont Partners
• Sergey Sheshuryak, Partner - Adams Street Partners
• Helen Steers, Partner - Pantheon
• Loic Rentiers, Managing Director - PineBridge
• Gavin Darby, CEO - Premier Foods

It will be a fantastic opportunity to network with top profiles, get inspired and stay ahead of your peers!
Special conditions for Swiss Business Club Members apply (i.e. use your special voucher code UKPEC_SBC to get a 30% discount).

Looking forward to welcoming you at the 2015 UK Private Equity Conference!


Jose Perez Bolea
Head of the UK and Iberian Private Equity Conferences
PT: +351 91 567 14 17 | ES: +34 655 82 91 81

We hope to meet many members of the Swiss Business Club at the UK Private Equity Conference 15 on May 29, 2015 at the Waldorf Hilton in London.

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Do you have a personal offline contingency plan?

What is a contingency plan?

A contingency plan is a process that prepares an individual or an organization to respond coherently to an unplanned event.

A contingency plan is sometimes referred to as "Plan B," because it can be also used as an alternative for action if expected results fail to materialize.

Contingency planning is a component of business continuity, disaster recovery and risk management.

The seven-steps outlined for an IT contingency plan in the NIST 800-34 Rev. 1 publication are:

1. Develop the contingency planning policy statement. A formal policy provides the authority and guidance necessary to develop an effective contingency plan.

2. Conduct the business impact analysis (BIA). The BIA helps identify and prioritize information systems and components critical to supporting the organization’s mission/business functions.

3. Identify preventive controls. Measures taken to reduce the effects of system disruptions can increase system availability and reduce contingency life cycle costs.

4. Create contingency strategies. Thorough recovery strategies ensure that the system may be recovered quickly and effectively following a disruption.

5. Develop an information system contingency plan. The contingency plan should contain detailed guidance and procedures for restoring a damaged system unique to the system’s security impact level and recovery requirements.

6. Ensure plan testing, training, and exercises. Testing validates recovery capabilities, whereas training prepares recovery personnel for plan activation and exercising the plan identifies planning gaps; combined, the activities improve plan effectiveness and overall organization preparedness.

7. Ensure plan maintenance. The plan should be a living document that is updated regularly to remain current with system enhancements and organizational changes.

Start today to store all your important data offline anywhere, anytime and at anyplace!
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