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No, the worst sort of feedback is no feedback at all. That means we've created nothing but banality.
We armor ourselves against the cutting remark, the ad hominem attack, the person who just doesn't like our stuff. But all of this is the feedback we get when we touch a nerve and are doing work that m...
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I was on a call the other day where someone told me that they wouldn't ever give me negative feedback. I replied: “No! Please give me negative feedback, especially if it's constructive. Tell me when what I do sucks. If you can, please tell me why it sucks too. If it's good or great, tell me about that too. Please let me know what you think.”

After working in the FOSS community as a designer for a decade and a half, one must have a thick skin. Us designers often produce highly visible things, sometimes with controversial ideas (sometimes for bad, sometimes for awesome).

I hope all of us in the community can work together and be respectful of each other enough to say when things produced (designs of any sort, code, documentation, etc.) might be good or bad… and also have the courtesy to point out why we hold whatever opinion we may have.

It's important to have some respect for people when doing this. Even the most awesome people produce the worst ideas sometimes, and that's fine. It's all on the path to working together to make things better. We need to foster open communication whenever we can and separate the design from the designer, the code from the coder, the writings from the writer, the managing from the management, etc.

In other words, attack stuff within reason (either with negative feedback or attacks of awesomeness) and elaborate, but be careful not to hurt each other.
As someone who wants to give constructive negative feedback, it's hard. I always find myself rewriting things to be more polite, and taking the criticism and going "hm, OK, is that a bit too arbitrary to include on this list?"

I now have four emails in my Drafts box about replies to UI and such, that I haven't sent, because it's difficult to craft a response that tells somebody that X is bad without seeming like a prick.
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