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Thanks guys! =)

+enko 2974​​ It is available but is paid. Maybe your country does not support paid themes.
Love this theme but the paid service is not available in my country
Queria poder comprar, mas tô usando o beta do Nougat. :(
Aí, graças a Deus, +Lucas Kendi​. Hejeheue. Tentei comprar o seu tema, mas não deu. Da erro na hora da compra. :(
Is this possible to change the icon of App drawer for Samsung Galaxy S and Note devices?
+Lucas Kendi
Thanks buddy

I was thinking why every theme have same icon as default.

Thanks for the answer 
+SARDUL YADAV​ no problem bro =) We can choose each icon individually, but to match the other icons, it has to be the same.
This perfect 👏👏 +Lucas Kendi​ is already part of my smart phone SGS6e could request a thing in a fuctura update apply live (Clock / Calendar) 👍👌 
Thanks +cmanzano cmanzanoTM​!!! \o/ The calendar is live, the clock will be on the next update, but only avaliable for Grace UX.
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