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kmod 24 is released

- Improvements:
- Add more information on dependency loop

- Sanitize use of strcpy and allow to grow from small strings on stack
(common case) to bigger strings on heap when needed

- Bug fixes
- Fix wrong dependency loops being reported by depmod

- Fix crashes when reporting dependency loops

- Fix parsing kernel command line containing quotes

- Fix leaks on error paths

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From trolling to loving systemd ;-)

I was pretty negative about systemd in the past, because I thought it was pretty confusing.

Not any longer. Systemd has come along the way in the meantime.

Now setting up the console font (which was my complaint in the past) has become as easy and logic as it gets.

Just edit /etc/vconsole.conf


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Maybe it's time to move to my next distro
Here are the latest goodies that landed in the Clear Linux operating system for the Intel architecture!

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"Would a local denial of service attack in another project have (re)opened such a bunch of flames? There was in fact just the day before the post a remote denial of service in bind (the most popular dns server out there). Did you even hear about it?"

I couldn't agree more with this post.

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ADI Engineering announced an upcoming Quad Core varient of the MinnowBoard Turbot that will used the E3845 SoC. Compatible with the existing MAX and Turbots this brings a new level of performance to the SoC for those computationally expensive tasks.

For those interested Netgate already has a pre-order page available:

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