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This is actually a really good article. I thought it was right to the point, and I agreed with it's content.

Success is like the sunset. Anyone can see it, all can appreciate it, but only the motivated will go out of their way to truly experience it.

I would like to ask if anyone has some advice to overcome anxiety. I am an intelligent person and more often than not know what I am talking about, but I tend to choke when I attempt to express my thoughts. More often than not this makes me look foolish or ignorant, and I feel like it's holding me back. I have a problem turning my thoughts into words. I have the knowledge, and I can document it appropriately, but become over anxious when I have to verbally express things. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions?

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Is HeartBleed some new Screamo band that I'm unaware of? Are they the revival of Hearts That Hate?

-Probably nobody is going to get this reference....

As of yesterday; XP is DEAD! dead right? Guys?.....guys...?

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This, This and More this. Anytime you are looking for something that will be used to the point of destruction, look for it at a thrift store. I've found decent quality power tools for less than $10 before. While they are used, sometimes heavily, it's cheaper to spend $10 on something that will last 3 years twice than $120 on something that will last 6 years. Not to mention, if it's something that you won't use regularly, spending high dollar amounts feels like a major waste.

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Goes to show that not every app that you pay for is legit. This is depressingly humorous. The app literally changes a red X to a CheckMark and that's it. It's not an Antivirus...
There are real AVs out there for Andy Phones from respectable companies like TrendMicro or BitDefender. Granted it's Questionable as to whether or not they work like a real AV should, why would you pay $4 for something that you can find for free. The worst part is, this person has made away with ~$40,000 for some simple code.

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The best things to buy in April according to Lifehacker?  TVs, Houses, Digital Cameras and Kitchen Wares.

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And another on for this fine morning. Is it just me or have these past 6 months been painful for card-holders? Interested to see how PCI changes with all the breaches of companies claiming to be compliant.

"It's not a matter of If, but When."
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