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Lucas Cook
Guitar tutor living in the South of England. More than just a talking textbook
Guitar tutor living in the South of England. More than just a talking textbook

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Great event. The photos don't do it justice.
Wakehurst festival of lights 2014
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January. It's Monday for a month.

Hello everyone and particularly +Jesse Stay I have filled out G+ your business and now have two G+ business pages with the same name. Are they different or am I missing something? Do I have to delete one and start again? Thanks in advance for any advice. 

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Goody. Really looking forward to hearing this. Slash has my favourite guitar sound ever.

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This is cool but Ouch!
Ahead of the 2013 Six Nations, a leading physicist explains how the forces involved in a rugby tackle could power a lightbulb.

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Great tribute to two great men by Bruce Springsteen in Cape Town, South Africa.  

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I think this pretty much sums up where the music industry is at the moment. A long article but well worth the time it takes to read it.

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I will post my favourite song of the day when I've finished teaching tonight. Guesses welcome.

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I know this is not the comparison that Justin Bieber was making but I wonder what would have happened to them both if they were just allowed to be kids when they were kids?

Happy new year +Jesse Stay and everyone here.
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