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The Sweet Vengeance of Street Names
“What’s in a name?” Shakespeare famously asked. “Revenge,” answers Staten Island Borough President James Oddo.
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Comparing Languages to Find Underlying Meaning
To quantify the problem, the researchers chose a few basic concepts that we see in nature (sun, moon, mountain, fire, and so on). Each concept was translated from English into 81 diverse languages, then back into English. Based on these translations, a weighted network was created. The structure of the network was used to compare languages’ ways of partitioning concepts.
The team found that the translated concepts consistently formed three theme clusters in a network, densely connected within themselves and weakly to one another: water, solid natural materials, and earth and sky.
“For the first time, we now have a method to quantify how universal these relations are,” says Bhattacharya. “What is universal – and what is not – about how we group clusters of meanings teaches us a lot about psycholinguistics, the conceptual structures that underlie language use.”
By measuring how closely words’ meanings are related within and between languages, a research team has revealed that for many ...
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How to Embed Mapillary’s Street Level Imagery Into Any Mapping Platform
MapillaryJS is a platform-agnostic WebGL JavaScript library for displaying street level photos which allows for integration with a variety of mapping applications.
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The World's Most Boring Roads

I have a new theory. The world's most interesting roads are in mountainous areas and the most boring roads are in areas which are very flat. My theory is based on two interactive maps which show where the world's straightest and bendiest roads are. 
I have a new theory. The world's most interesting roads are in mountainous areas and the most boring roads are in areas which are very flat. My theory is based on two interactive maps which show where the world's straightest and bendiest roads are. How Straight or Bendy are the Roads and ...
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I think curviness has little to do with it.  It's all about the view.
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Some of you might benefit from this.
Find Somewhere to Live with Google Maps

How to find the perfect neighborhood to live based on walkabilty, safety, charm and commuting times. 
When you're looking for somewhere new to live you don't just want the perfect property you also want it in the perfect area. What makes a perfect neighborhood will be different for different people. In deciding the perfect neighborhood, however, you might consider a number of criteria, ...
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Kat nip
Or you can also try this link
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Via +Pierre Markuse​ who also sent the reddit link: The artist's website is at
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
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Looks like a record for Oklahoma.
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Discworld Monthly Issue 226 was sent out last night with details about how to apply for tickets to the Terry Pratchett memorial on 14/4/2016.
This extra issue includes information about Terry's Memorial and our competition reminder.
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Video Wonder: Synchronized Swim Skating
Looks like synchronized figure skaters have a good sense of humor in addition to their grace and athleticism. This men’s team, suited up in speedos and swim...
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It's looking good so far. 
Street View, Material Design and more come to the custom map app.
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Lucas Appelmann

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If I ever get a colouring book, this will be it.
You've all been waiting for one.. so we are proud to inform you all about the upcoming release of the :


Due for release on the 17th May 2016, it will have 96 pages of glorious Paul Kidby illustrations for you to colour in and enjoy.

Product details :
Publisher : Gollancz ( some sources say Orion Hardbacks)
ISBN-10: 1473217474
ISBN-13: 978-1473217478
Product Dimensions: 15 x 2.2 x 21 cm
96 page paperback
RRP £9.99

No book cover or any other information available at the moment but we will update you when we know more.

Not available to Pre-order just yet, but it is listed on Amazon through our Discworld Monthly Link
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California's Solar Dominance, In One Graph
New government data show how the Golden State compares to the rest of the country—and it’s not even close.
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Thermal solar - a great way to incinerate birds.
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All fans of the works of Sir Terry Pratchett are invited to come and help the Discworld Emporium celebrate Hogswatch in Wincanton on the 28/