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Harvey, the GPL'ed fork of Plan 9, now runs on the RISCV SPIKE emulator. I'll be trying the lowrisc FPGA bitstream soon. Harvey is C11 compliant and does not use the old Plan 9 C toolchain. We've shown that we can build a working kernel on x86-64 with gcc 4, 5, and 6; and clang 3.5, 3.6 and 3.8. We're looking forward to seeing how Harvey works with the forthcoming RISCV clang port. Both gcc and clang uncovered bugs that had been in the codebase for many years.

We can always use more contributors. For more, see

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How the Web Became Unreadable
I thought my eyesight was beginning to go. It turns out, I’m suffering from design.

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Worth the watch, a great mini-documentary. The final montage holds so many crazy tricks it's not funny...

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Video recordings from all 19 Sessions of this years #Linux Security Summit 2016 can now be found via Some of the slides can be found at

Note: nearly all of those videos seems to be hidden on
"The Linux Foundation" YouTube channel, thus you only can access them via above page. Or via afaics, if you do not mind registering for them ;-)


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Almost prescient. From July. #docker

Docker starts behaving like The Old Microsoft

Once companies realize they have a monopoly, they start behaving like monopolists. Just like Microsoft once practically killed Netscape by including Internet Explorer with Windows, now Docker is trying to defeat Kubernetes, Mesos/Marathon and Nomad by including Swarm into the Docker Core.

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»Flatpak is the new name for GNOME’s XDG-App initiative, though ‘…95% of the commits come from one Red Hat employee,’ Shuttleworth cheekily noted. ‘We would be delighted if they’d work with us.'« – Sorry +Mark Shuttleworth, but this is FUD.
1. flatpack currently has 29 different committers, most of them not Red Hat employees; one is even a Debian developer.
2. +Alexander Larsson has 78% of the commits, not 95%.
3. snappy has 5 only committers, all of them Canonical employees.
4. If you want people to help you with your snaps, don't require them to sign Canonical's CLA, open all snap components (including the server side) and stop spreading FUD in first place.

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