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Luca Pellegrino
Bello, alto, biondo e con gli occhi azzurri
Bello, alto, biondo e con gli occhi azzurri

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Added photos to Onyx Sojourner Medal Day!.

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#CaputMundi Official Report
MMDCCLXVII years ago on a small hill beside the Tiber River, a king arose and a legend began:  the Legend of Rome
Time passed and the Kingdom evolved into Republic, spreading its Light to the known world, blending with the Lights of other lands and finally evolving into the Empire. On 12th July, 100 BC a great man was born and his name was Gaius Julius Caesar. The man that will be the General, the Stateman and the father of the 1st Roman Emperor.

2000 years later, we was there for celebrating that Man, honoring Rome and Roman Empire, our ancestors and our sons, commemorating ROMA CAPUT MUNDI ( )

Enlightened Brothers and Sisters met in Rome to touch the history, watch its astonishing eternal beauties and visit thousands portals. More than 150 Enlightened agents came to Rome from all over the world for being part of one of the biggest Ingress events ever organized: a 24 hours no-stop marathon covering thousands of portals spread over an area of more than 250 square km, and allowing the agents to visit the most wonderful beauties of Rome, its historical locations and also the city suburbs realities.
A tour-de-force started at 9am July 12, ended at 9am July 13, led by 50 local agents.

The event has been organized by +Enlightened Of Rome  with participants from:
Italy, France, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Spain, Serbia, Cezch Republic, and United Kingdom.

Caput Mundi was conceived in order to allow our guests to deploy and hack the highest number of unique portals. The day was split in 4 parts, as 4 distinct events, each of them allowing every agent to operate on the same amount of portals (around 150 - 200) : 

Event 1: Iter Imperium (Imperial March) 
Event 2: Legio Subterranea (Metro Tour) 
Event 3: Legio Invicta Bus Invaders (Bus Tour) 
Event 4 part1: Iter Imperium Novum (New Imperial March)
Event 4 part2: Bigarum Certamen (Biga Race)

Every participant could attend Caput Mundi according to three difficulty levels:

2) CENTURION : 10h
3) GLADIATOR (morituri te salutant): 15+h

We enjoy to share with you some Caput Mundi numbers and stats, just to give you the flavour of the event dimension:

Unique Portals Visited: more than 70k 
AP gained: more than 90 Millions AP
Hours in game: more than 1500 hours (62 days of no-stop playing)
Km walked: more than 5000 km (an eighth of world circumference) 
Total number of Hacks: more than 100k (more than 1 hack per second)
Calories burned: 1.5 Millions (more than 30k apples or more than 5k pizzas)
Coordination: 11 agents, 3 months, 150 hours, 100k hangout messages (feels like 2M)
Legionnaires: 30 agents
Centurions: 50 agents
Gladiators: 70 agents

+Enlightened Of Rome  thanks all coordinators and participants for the amazing day, for the shared efforts, the laughs, the icecreams, the burning feet and the priceless company & fun.

A special thanks to Resistance Agents that made the day even more funny, allowing our guests to further increase the number of unique portals captured, and for having covered the city with a field that lasted just the time of our dinner - even warriors need to rest now and then.

It was a perfect day with lots of positive feedbacks & lot of fun. Good job. 

Please tag yourselves in the comments and tell us about your day in Rome
+Ingress +Brian Rose +Matilde Tusberti +Anne Beuttenmüller +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley +Niantic Project 

#CaputMundi    #Ingress   #ingressreport   #rome  
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Caput Mundi
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#Enlightened  recruiting poster I've thrown together to celebrate the release of the +Ingress scanner app for iOS. :)

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A proposito di mela e di morsi. Da molti anni gira una leggenda metropolitana secondo cui il logo della Apple sarebbe un omaggio a Turing e alla sua fine. Di mele simboliche ne è pieno il nostro immaginario (Paride, Newton, Guglielmo Tell, la Vespa, e ovviamente Adamo ed Eva), ma certo che Computer=Turing=Apple è una proprio una bella equazione. Peccato che poi  Rob Janoff, il creatore del logo, abbia smentito nettamente, dicendo che all’epoca non conosceva nemmeno la storia di Turing, e di aver disegnato il morso sulla mela solo per evitare che sembrasse una ciliegia. Ma poi ero in un liceo e stavo parlando di Turing e nessuno sapeva chi era, e poi ho raccontato la storia della mela, e una ragazza ha alzato la mano e ha detto che aveva inspirato il logo della Apple e io ho detto: “Sì, certamente, brava.” Che poi sarebbe anche meglio se fosse vero, no?
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