Google will turn iUsers into iLoosers

They are breaking all the rules. Combining technologies all over and creating devices that are beyond competition. When I compare the new iThings and what MS just brought out with Windows8, I really start wondering did they even notice Google?

Anyway, did they mention panorama at i5? Yeah, obsolete, look at what Google has done at 7:27 and presented especially well at 7:58

Yes, unlimited pixels photos actually.

But what I really want at home and in the office, might that little charging devil at 8:23 :)

Anyway thanks +Christian Schlobach to share this I have seen on Youtube. :)

Seems I might stick with LG for some time +Jure Brložnik :)

// if anyone can show mw how to put in the link to youtube video with only time showing (not entire title) I will be ethernally gratefull. This is just not working for me. Any ideas why +Ronnie Bincer?
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