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In the Pre-Dawn Mist
Fishermen wait for a fish to bite, never seeing the coyote which emerges from the trees behind  them.

I've been to this site many times and never really had reason to notice that granite mountainside on the far side of the lake, but the bright mist, the color of the trees, and the reflection really brought it out in the background. Best viewed large.

#MountainMonday +Michael Russell 
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An amazing shot with a surprise visitor. What more could you ask for? :)
This Picture appeared in my stream again but I don't mind because each time it does, it brings me such peace and the love for outdoor beauty, totally transcend me to this  place of calm, yellow trees adorning the banks of the lake, contrasting the grey background of mountain and the glistening surface of the lake accurately records reflecting images and activities....quite a lovely shot n perfect timing..
+Jeff Sullivan 
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