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Luc Bouillon | Century 21
Turning FOR SALE into SOLD... and dreams into realty!
Turning FOR SALE into SOLD... and dreams into realty!

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Big congrats to my happy clients winning our first multiple offer bid of 2019!! 🏡

The year is off to a great start! 🏘️

❤️ Congrats on your new home guys!! ❤️
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Hello all, I've been running drivemode a few weeks now and am loving the concept for the most part but have come up with several ideas I hope you'll consider implementing.

The first is in regards to the tab. The current choice for tab size leave me wanting quite a bit more. The large tab is much too large, the medium still too large and the minimum tab while a little too thin horizontally is still too large vertically. Now I understand this is to personal taste and you can't have unlimited choices but I think a very elegant solution to get everyone exactly what they want is to make the size customizable. I really like the way it was done in an app called 's apps side bar' if you want a point of reference. Basically there are no tab choices but rather a set of sliders to customize the look of the tab. One slider adjusts the vertical length of the tab, one adjusts the horizontal width of the tab, and a 3rd adjusts the vertical placement of the tab on screen a final slider adjusts the opacity of the tab. I think this would be a fantastic addition to drivemode.

My second idea comes in the way of drivemode profiles. Now I don't mean in the way you sign into the app, but rather within your account I would like to see the ability for a user to create several drivemode profiles in which he or she could dictate the way drivemode worked.

For example - profile one (maybe I would name this driving in my truck)

Drivemode launches full screen or just tab overlay (toggle choice)

Drivemode reads messages (toggle on/off)

Music starts with drivemode (toggle on/off)

Navigation app launches with drivemode (toggle on/off) - I like waze to launch even if I'm not routing to an address. Just having it open while driving provides excellent information like warnings of upcoming road hazards and traffic

Just to name a few choices..

And then I may create a second profile for .. Riding on my motorcycle and pick different answers to the above toggles ..

Then maybe a third profile for driving in my company vehicle .. And yet again pick different answers to the above toggles.

Finally, I'd like to be able to specify which profile would launch based on the launch method.

For example .. Driving detection would launch drivemode in the 3rd profile I created, as there is no Bluetooth in that vehicle.

When connected to Bluetooth profile 'your vehicle' drivemode would launch in the fist profile I created.

When connected to Bluetooth profile 'whatever my riding helmet is called'. Drivemode would launch in the second profile I created...

Third, and while I'm no expert is how this is done, there must be a better way to achieve integration with waze. When I enter an address in drivemode waze seems to accept that command as a search not as an instruction.. After picking the address in drive more waze shows the search results for the address It received, I then have to click that.. Then it brings me to the screen asking if I want to drive there.. Then it loads the route .. That's 2 more clicks in waze after drivemode. I know there is a more streamlined way to achieve this because it's not the way it's done when I use waze with the Uber partner app. When I enter an address in Uber and click go, waze launches right into the route , no additional input from me at all. 

Lastly, and I know this is niche.. I'm not able to get full use of drivemode because it doesn't read messages from BBM or BlackBerry Hub for android and those are my email and main messaging providers. Current I can only use it for music, navigation and sms messaging. 

I'm sure I'm just missing something.. But when I have navigation open, and I launch the music overlay.. Then I swipe the minimize circle at the bottom .. How do I get it back ?

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Just helped a client buy a house that wasn't even for sale! Sellers and Buyer both happy, everybody wins! #MustBeSpring #Barrie #RealEstate
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Did you know that in addition to helping you with all things real estate, I am a veritable who's who directory for anything you might need for your home or business? Through my travels I've developed a large network of qualified and vetted professionals I can recommend for just about anything! You know you can count on me to recommend mortgage solutions, home inspectors, movers.. But you may not know I can also suggest painters, electricians, cleaning services, mold experts, accountants, signage specialists, insurance specialists, mechanics, heating and cooling specialists and even a coffee vendor for your office or business! No matter what you need, call me.. I know somebody you can trust!
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