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Let the fun *begin

(Not to insult anyone but the whole post is full of spelling/grammar errors :S)
In the spirit of open source, you could volunteer to join the team to fix grammar bugs. :-)
LXDE (Lubuntu) should have all of it's system settings apps linked though one app. I am a fan of gnome 3, lxde, xfce, and openbox. I can always tell what apps are for the other three because they have a settings center (or in openbox's case because they are super simplistic and built into the menu.)

It becomes difficult to use lxde if you have installed other desktop environments, because with lxde you don't know which apps are actually going to do anything for lxde or not, whether it's a gnome app, or a xfce app, you can't tell just by looking in the menu...
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