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la fille chinoise et les bières
the chinese girl and beers
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I'm sure that is the beer for the portugies community in Paris ;-)
Thans +Xiang Xun and +Geert Jan Bex !

you are right +Thomas Schaller ! to celebrate our victories on Euro 2012 :P we will need some more because we are half a million around here. there are quite a lot of Portuguese in Switzerland as you might have noticed also !
Ok ok +Luís Pedro it's for you and your friends :-)
Yeah I have noticed theme yesterday after the game 
honk honk honk ;-)
Oh, what a beautiful shot, and the colour rendition is wonderful. Love this. Hope you're well and enjoying the Euros! :)
+Luís Pedro One of my absolute fave from you, my friend! :) Doisneau is not far away, and that's good!

I'm so happy to be here, in California, so far away from the Euro and the self-destructive chauvinism... :)
Thanks +Jean-François GORNET, +Sumit Sen and +Jonathan Taylor !

Thank you so much +Laura Harding, im having a great time around here and the Euro 2012 is getting hotter and hotter ! We will have a rought time against Spain. Good luck for today's match against Italy, i will for sure sit down with a beer and enjoy it :)

Muito muito obrigado +Gérald Verdon ! Those words mean a lot to me, and a mention to the humanist photographer is a great compliment :)

Its great to hear you are having a great time, yesterday i had one of the most ridiculous discussions in a flar party wtih people all over europe, so that self-destructive chauvinism is really present... someone is making a big effort to build a european junction rather than a union, i dont even know what to think.
Everything in this shot is perfect : subject, movement and colors ! Great work !
So many great shots here, how did they slip under my radar :)
Yes, I'll definitely be there on Sat +Luís Pedro  ! But only til 7pm, as I'm working at my night job afterwards... I'll miss the beer time :(
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