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Life-Transition Counseling, Dr. Antonia Löschner

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I am a socio-cultural anthropologist & certified mediator working as an International #lifecoach for life and career transitions.
My coaching focuses on #personaldevelopment considering personal strengths and needs in a culturally sensitive way.

My face-to-face coaching as #expatcoaching in France takes place in Chaville, near Paris and Versailles, offering assistance with detecting and making use of personal strengths.

My #onlinecoaching takes place via skype or hangouts, offering assistance with solving problems or conflicts in a needs- and strengths-oriented way.

For further information and certificates, please visit my website.

I would be very happy to assist you in tackling any life-transition issues!


#self-development #careerchange #burnout  

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In the hurly-burly of daily life our needs and strengths easily happen to get lost. That's why, in order for the Self not to be forgotten in everyday life, I decided to write "Pearls of Daily Life: Short Stories and Poems in Self-discovery". In this collection, fictional characters experience the joy of (re-)discovering their Self in manifold situations of daily life.

Some of these short stories and poems can be fully read here:
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