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Another display related post. Asus and LG were showing 21:9 displays at CES. Native resolution is 2560 x 1080. So would anyone really want a monitor that wide and that narrow on their desk?
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I don't understand that format at all. What's the point? Even many movies aren't that wide.
Having used a 21:9 screen I can say that it takes a couple of days to get used to it.  After that it feels more comfotable, natural and immersive than a standard 16:9.
I think that's too wide for production. As a game developer I like having two monitors so that I can have one program running full screen on one monitor (for example, the PC build of the game) while working/testing on the other monitor.

Besides I rather have two 1920x1600 monitors over one at 2560x1080.
I would need it curved at that width. At that width, a flat screen might as well be convex.
Absolutely.  Would be great for remote connections to multiple client PCs, with their crazy resolutions.
I know it is because these size panels are available as they are made for the TV market, but it's the lack of height resolution that is a killer for me as a monitor. Same for normal 1080p monitors, need a minimum of 1200 height.  I'd quite like a monitor this wide but needs to have a higher vertical resolution!
I might be interested in this.  I have a 3 monitor setup at home each with a rez of 1920x1200.  I would mostly use to watch movies in the mancave and some gaming.
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