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Nintendo  - 
The Nebula of NES Games

Starting from the middle and spiraling out, this star system of NES history tracks every game broken down by release date and genre, with over 100 illustrations of notable titles, encompassing classics like ‘Battletoads‘ and ‘Tecmo Bowl‘ as well as obscurities and oddities like ‘Day Dreamin’ Davey‘ and ‘Kickle Cubicle.’ A tribute to the button-mashing days of old, this pan-galactic gallery is the ultimate catalog of NES games.

#nes   #nebula   #gaming  

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WTF is this about?
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Lov Loothra

General  - 
Space Junk

There are more than 300 million pieces of space junk larger than 1 millimeter in orbit. Junk travels at up to 28,000 km/h, about 20 times faster than a bullet. A 1 mm piece of junk could kill an astronaut! The junk includes old satellites and rocket parts, including astronauts' rubbish.

#spacejunk   #spacedebris  

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This picture is very deceptive. The earth is immense, and each of those pieces of space junk is tiny.
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Lov Loothra

Shared publicly  - 
An article I published on LinkedIn in which I discuss the ways to leverage Excel's macros to help your business be more productive and cost efficient.

#excel   #vba   #macros  
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Lov Loothra

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A link to an article I published on LinkedIn which gives some pointers on how you get the most from your #Internship.
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Lov Loothra

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A very interesting read! I had no idea the ceremony was so elaborate and that Vint Cerf was a key holder!

#internetsecurity   #icann  
It sounds like the stuff of science fiction: seven keys, held by individuals from all over the world, that together control security at the core of the web. The reality, discovers James Ball, is rather closer to The Office than The Matrix
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Lov Loothra

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A stunning monologue on womanhood by Kalki Koechlin.

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Lov Loothra

Travel Photos  - 
Lake Pichola, Udaipur
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General  - 
Mangalyaan Enters Martian Orbit

The Indian Space Research Organization's (ISRO) Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), informally called Mangalyaan (meaning "Mars-craft") was successfully inserted into orbit of Mars on 24 September 2014, making India the first country in the world to successfully send a spacecraft to Mars on its very first attempt.

#mangalyaan   #mars   #india   #isro   #space  

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Congratulations India!
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Lov Loothra

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Some really cool insights on what all goes into developing a Google Code Jam problem!

The Creation of a Code Jam Problem

Since its inception in 2003, Google’s Code Jam has drawn the top amateur and professional coders in the world together in a contest to determine who will stand alone as Code Jam Champion. Now in its 11th year, Code Jam once again will be throwing intense algorithmic puzzles at programmers from around the world starting April 11, 2014.

To provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what is involved in the problem development for Code Jam, we recently sat down with two members of the Code Jam development team, Software Engineers +Bartholomew Furrow and +Igor Naverniouk, two of the four people who founded Google's Code Jam team in June 2007. 

Bartholomew learned to love computer science while earning a B.Sc. in Physics from Queen's University, when he discovered programming contests. In 2006, shortly after obtaining a M.Sc. in Physics from the University of British Columbia (UBC) with his thesis "A Panoply of Quantum Algorithms", Bartholomew joined Google's Ads Quality team.

Igor started programming in the first grade, when he learned to create his own games with his father’s IBM 286 computer. While working on his B.Sc. at the UBC, he was lured to his first programming competition by a poster promising free pizza.  He has been competing, coaching teams, creating problems for competitions, and eating pizza ever since.

Prior to working together as part of the Code Jam team at Google, Igor and Bartholomew were also teammates on the UBC ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) team. 

Read on to learn part of the development of a Code Jam problem:


Research at Google: Every year, Code Jam comes up with 26 coding problems. Can you explain the process of how the challenges are developed and a sense of how long it takes? Who comes up with them? 

Igor Naverniouk: Submissions of potential coding challenges for Code Jam start pretty much immediately after the finals are over, so nearly a full year is spent in preparing. Initially, any individual at Google can submit a problem they think has potential to be a good challenge, which then goes through selection and development by a team of 15-20 Google engineers who devote 20% of their time to Code Jam.

There is a variety of methods by which we come up with a problem; generally, one of us might read a paper and learn about an interesting algorithm and then see how to form it in an interesting puzzle. Or we might use a real-life problem, something we encounter at work or in daily life, that could be automated. It’s fun to take examples from everyday life and construct a challenge from it, especially if it’s something that people haven’t thought of from a computer science perspective. I think it makes participants feel like they they have solved something that’s relevant, and to feel good about that.

Bartholomew Furrow: A good example of a problem that was inspired by a real-life problem would be Candy Store, from the 2010 Code Jam Finals ( It is one of my favorites because it was a problem I was trying to solve myself. I wanted to figure out the minimum number of dumbbells I'd need to purchase, so that I could lift any amount I wanted to in each hand. It was a good example of a Greedy Algorithm ( and the genesis of Candy Store, which has a really wonderful greedy solution.

IN: The ideas don’t have to be thoroughly thought out, initially. The team reviews all the problem ideas, and anonymously ranks them based on originality, creativity, whether it is motivated by a real world problem, and whether it is a purely algorithmic problem or if a simple mathematical solution exists. 

R@G: You distinguish between algorithmic and mathematical puzzles. Are there any problems that are quite challenging algorithmically but can be solved more simply if mathematical principles are used?

IN: The Revenge of the Hot Dog Vendor ( is a problem that comes to mind.  While it can be solved algorithmically, there is an elegant mathematical solution as well, that is a bit simpler to implement. It is also a puzzle related to something in real life; on a boardwalk or a beach you tend to see concession stands clustered together, but ideally you want the placement of concession stands to be optimally spread out so that people only walk the minimum distance to get something to eat. 

R@G: Once you have a list of potential problems for candidates, what are the next steps in the development of a problem before it ends up in the competition?

BF: Once the ideas are there, the next step is to carefully prepare the problem statement. A lot of time is spent on this, making sure it is understandable to both native and non-native english speakers. Anything that is really important about the problem we state twice, we give examples to try and make the problem statement as clear as possible…

IN: After that comes the development and testing of the input data for the large and small test cases for the problem, as well as the generation of sample I/O that is displayed in the problem statement. Of course, there is substantial testing to verify the solutions of the problem, providing sample solutions, proofreading…

BF: …in all I’d say it takes roughly 5-40 engineering hours, depending on the difficulty, to fully develop a single problem after it has been selected, and there are 26 problems in total. That’s a lot of time to spend, in addition to normal job responsibilities, but we want to make sure that Code Jam is a medium for problems that are accessible to a wide variety of skill levels, but challenging enough that skilled competitors aren’t bored.

R@G: How do you strike that balance of accessibility and making the problems challenging? 

IN: Well, it’s hard. We haven’t gotten 100% there…

BF: …But I think it’s okay if we have a problem that nobody solves in the final round, like we did in 2010 ( and 2011 ( We love to have people discussing a really challenging problem for months after, that’s awesome! But for the earlier online rounds, everyone should be able to solve something. The problems should be simple to explain and relatively straightforward to solve.  
IN: We also release the code for solutions and provide an analysis; what the steps are and why we think this is the best solution, so if anyone cannot solve one of the problems, they can come back and see how the solution is implemented. In addition to being a challenging contest, we also want Code Jam to be accessible to aspiring coders, those who are just starting out. I think its useful to be able to go back and read the solution to a problem that you have struggled with, and see the different ways in which it was solved, and build up one’s skill set.

R@G: With Code Jam going into its 11th year, in addition to other programming competitions out there, such as ICPC and TopCoder, how do you ensure problems aren’t repeated?

IN: We rely on the Googlers who participate in a lot of contests, people who are able to recognize problems from other competitions. But, even if we did end up with a problem that is functionally similar to one presented in the past, it would be very difficult copy/paste answers or adapt it to one presented at Code Jam, as subtle changes in a problem can make a huge difference in the solution. 

BF: I believe that the incredible variety and permutations possible, even in similar problems, it is a testament to the beauty of computer science and algorithms. Code Jam really is a creative enterprise. I find it fascinating that a mathematical or algorithmic endeavor could have the same variety as, for example, painting. It is an art; our tools are just different from those of traditional artists. There really are a lot of beautiful, fun, and interesting non-conventional problems out there that are challenging, and can push the boundaries of computer science.

Registration for Code Jam 2014 opened March 11th. The Qualification Round will begin April 11th so be sure you register today, at
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Lov Loothra

General Discussion  - 
A very well written and thought provoking article on diversity in Comic Books and their adaptations.
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The author means well and is obviously verbose, but boy does he have a selective memory. The simple fact is that FOX is only making this film in order to retain the rights so that they don't revert back to Marvel. It's the same reason that Sony will keep churning out Spider-Man features until doomsday. Legal maneuvering trumps everything else. This isn't so much THE best FF film that can be made, it's merely one that HAS to be made.

There was plenty of criticism several years ago when Jessica Alba was chosen to be Sue Storm. Partially because of her lackluster acting ability, and partially due to the fact that a Latina would be portraying one of the WASPiest women ever conceived by The House of a Ideas.
Alba was only one disappointing feature amongst many in Tim Story's FF movies.
Really, only Chris Evans managed to resemble his comic book counterpart the closest in terms of characterization. The rest, well, the rest was horrific.

Bane. Bane is certainly also not an example of another Hollywood comic book movie success story. And why he's being cited by the author escapes me.
Tom Hardy is a fantastic actor, but his
portrayal as Bane was laughable and
managed to serve as the butt of many jokes in the months after the TDKR was released. Like Alba was to FF, Bane was just one of myriad problems with Nolan's film. It is a trilogy that I am more than happy has ended. They were certainly Nolan films, but they largely failed in capturing the essence of Batman save some if the supporting characters. Gary Oldman in his portrayal as Commissioner Gordon was the heart, soul, and backbone of those films. And Heath Ledger's Joker was, truly, breathtakingly lurid and grandiose. But, I digress.

The Human Torch is, after all, a fictional character. It really doesn't matter whether a black actor is cast or it's a cgi creation on the screen instead. The sun will still rise tomorrow and taxes will still suck.
However, this choice does reek of politically correct stunt casting. It certainly is attracting attention! Further, it does a disservice to the established legacy of the character and team. What was so inherently broken that it had to be 'fixed'? And to that end, I'd add that the entire FF team was itself horribly miscast. Each one of them! Again, stunt casting on the part if FOX. Obviously they're counting on a younger, cooler, and less discriminating cast to put butts in theater seats. The opening weekend box office receipts will
prove whether or not FOX's gamble was worth it.

And do I even need to address the rumors of Doctor Doom being cast as a female?

Seriously, one can't help but wonder if FOX green lit this film based on the drunken scrawl left by a studio exec on a cocktail napkin. Sure, there will apparently be four people with powers on a team, but there's no way in Hell that they'll ever really BE The Fantastic Four.

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Lov Loothra

Travel Photos  - 
A view of the Pichola Lake from the City Palace in Udaipur, Rajasthan. 
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The two things that I'm really passionate about are playing games and writing stuff about them. It's something that I enjoy and, at the same time, take very seriously. And, of course, I enjoy interacting with people who're like-minded. My all-time favorite games are The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Planescape: Torment, Starcraft, Half Life 2, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne and Unreal Tournament. My favorite genres are RPG and RTS and my preferred platform is the PC.

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