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Behind the Lens || Iceland & LOTR

Sometimes when I am exploring parts of Iceland it feels like I am on a set for Lord of the Rings. Here you can see one of my workshop clients setting up on a precarious ledge in order to get "the shot".

If you have been waiting to head to Iceland, now is your chance as one spot recently opened up on my Sept. Iceland workshop. More details can be found below...

*Photo taken with an +OPPO Find 7a

Louise Companion

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OK, peeps, here's the truth and evidence, like I've been telling my friends along. Even if you think you are sneaky and delete information off your Facebook account, cell phone, and websites, think again. Our computers only act as interfaces. All the information is stored on large servers with these websites. Huge, gigantic rooms or warehouses loaded with machines/equipment designed to save and store all our information. This is sick! Remember what you post on Facebook or any other site is just like sharing it with US intelligence agencies. See my next post for an example of Google's server room looks like.
U.S. intelligence agencies have a direct tap into the servers of the U.S.'s largest Internet companies where agents can troll for suspicious activity, sources confirmed to NBC News on Thursday.
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