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No Handlebars Needed Vintage style cycling day out!

#vintage #textureblendphotography #louisacatharinephotography

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Fabulous photography, guaranteed to bring on instant smiles!

Wishing you all a great week!

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Remembering Troy

My fur baby love, never forgotten for today's #sentimentalsunday +Sentimental Sunday Theme #beachday

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened...”

~ Anatole France

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+Beth Akerman's Animal Photography Album is one of my favorites on G Plus!

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Beautiful +Sentimental Sunday Theme contribution by +Beat Gretler

All comments to the original post. Wishing those of you who celebrate Easter, a very special day! 

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Cacti Summer Totes are now available via Red Bubble, click the link for more... Wishing you all a creative week! #cacti #summer #popart #typography

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Thanks so much for this +Sentimental Sunday Theme post +Tom Tran :) :)
I will be curating over this next week if any of you still want to take part, just tag me <3 All comments to Tom's original shot! 
B&WProject2017 - 6/26 - Fortnight's Favourite

The Tribe of Colorado

As mentioned in my prior #BWProject2017 post, one of the highlights of my work week in Denver was a dinner meet-up with these wonderful peeps. It was such an honor to be included as a part of this happy tribe. A special thanks to +Christina Lihani and +Brian Lihani who organized and picked me up for the evening (and endured my talking their ears off during the rides), and to +Melissa Beagle, +Alan Bland & Michelle, and +Kathleen Milks - who made the 2 hr trek through rush hour traffic with her furbabies - to converge in Denver! I had such an amazing time with you all and wished I had more time to hang out and go do some photography and stuff. You all are, quite easily, my Fortnight's Favourites. x

For the +The B&W Project - by +Al Chris +Maayan Windmuller and +Pat Kight

And without a second thought, for +Sentimental Sunday Theme - by +Louisa Catharine Forsyth. 

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Many thanks +Andrea Martinez just saw this, my favorite place :) Much appreciated and yes, I miss home ;-)

All comments to Andrea's original post... 
The guardian of the castle
Let him sleep!

Months ago a dear friend of mine told me about the feline colony in Milano's Castello Sforzesco.
Today instead of lunch I had a walk and by chance got to the castle. And by chance today it's her birthday too, so I decided to celebrate and dedicate her this photo.

Happy Birthday dear +Louisa Catharine Forsyth​.

#cats #caturday


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Written In The Stars now available exclusively at Curioos Art Gallery, NYC

Art print on a .045 thick aluminum disk. Includes wall hanging accessories. Manually numbered, signed, and shipped worldwide with a certificate of authenticity. #artwork #surreal #decor

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In The Pink now available from Curioos, NYC with worldwide shipping! #decor #art Thanks so much to those of you who have been patient in my absence, been a long haul getting stronger! Happy early weekend wishes all :)
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