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Many thanks +Marie Hélène Visconti , +Stefanie Schächtel , +Shannon Adelson , +olga belov and +Mikko Tyllinen Much appreciated! Shannon, happy to see one of you noticed that :) Olga, it's related to missing Paris <3
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Sometimes When One Least Expects It Spring Breaks Through!

Happy Tuesday all, make it a good one, think happy <3

#positivity   #flowers   #textureblendphotography   #selfie  
Sometimes When One Least Expects It Spring Breaks Through! Remember, it is always darkest before the dawn, hang in there, whatever you may be going...
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Aww +olga belov thank you, hoping my friend I was thinking of when I posted it, thinks happy thoughts and remembers that too :):) xo
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+Michael A Koontz is always spot on with his way of thinking! 

An exceptional friend who you should follow if you don't know him as yet, do check out his work and words...

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Coffee vs Sugar, MMA cage fight
A Healthy Lifestyle - Your Fitness Tribe

Or as i also call it, when stars make love

For many, coffee and sugar represents two superpowers emerged in an unholy alliance. But, just what makes this combo tick, and what is actually what. How does it affect your health and every day life. To find out the answer, we signed a contract with the previous couple to face off inside the octagon to determine who´s top dog and what they do to our bodies. 

In the blue corner, Sugar 

Pro´s: Sweet and petite, and pretty white. 

Cons: Increases body fat, rots your teeth, makes you age prematurely, increases diabetes and cancer and Alzheimer risk. Does not provide fuel for strength or endurance - and does not provide sufficient brain juice. 
Natures crack even makes you crave an endless array of more sugar when you eat it. That explanation comes down to our past cave men and hunter, gatherer lives - evolutionarily, our mesolimbic pathway reinforced that all the sweet things in nature provided a healthy source of carbohydrates (rich on easy to use energy and calories) for our bodies. While other taste sensations like sour meant far less desirable things. So, the more you eat, the more your dopamine and other neuro pathway signals needs to get triggered. 

Which, ultimately is why it is so easy for people to over eat on junk food and why it feels so hard for so many to eat less junk food, not to mention to keep eating healthy food and say no to cookies, ice cream, soda, candy and sweets. Another reason why it initially feels hard to cut down on junk food is that a lot of people tend to get depressed when they start eating less sugar. This is however just temporary, sort of like a crack addict suffering withdrawal problems. 

No, this is not just an issue for us Homo Sapiens, in a recent study, by Victor Mangabeira and colleagues, published in "Physiology & Behavior" it is reported that rats who had been trained to press a button to drink water, once exposed to sugar in the water pressed the button many more times than the rats that only had access to pure water. 

In the red trunks, Coffee 

Pro´s: Wonderful scent,toned, trimmed and athletic. and to boot, all pretty black. 

Coffee also provides wonderful warmth and real energy for mind, body, strength and endurance. 
It protects against cancer, Alzheimer, Parkinson’s, diabetes and obesity. 
It aids your muscles and mind with real energy, creating a double whammy of good stuff for people that also keep physically active, all good and positive things for creativity, strength, fat burn and endurance. It is also a positive influence for your mood thanks to how it affects the production of some of our natural hormones, such as serotonin and dopamine. 

Coffee have also been shown to protect against Multiple sclerosis (MS) which is a degenerative neurological disease. 

Cons: It might make you sleep poorly if you drink it too late since it takes as much as 8 hours for coffee to lose its positive hold on your body. 

Mutual con

Yes, there is one mutual big disadvantage to both. 
The industry producing both sugar and coffee rarely takes care of the planet that provides their revenue, nor the health of their workers. 
But in both cases, we the consumers can of course demand far better behavior from the producers by the shopping choices we make. 


Skip sugar - always. 
And get down with pure black coffee 4 to 5 times per day :). And, if your sweet tooth crave a sweet sensation, try some organic honey in your coffee.

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+Bagaceous® is now on G+ and Twitter too, leave your links on the Fan Page to be followed back <3
One of a Kind statement necklaces are our main focus at Bagaceous® this season! #womaninbiz #Swarovski #jewelry

Many thanks to those of you who have joined us over on Twitter recently, we are posting here on Google + at last too! If you tweet, leave your Twitter id below and we will look you up! 

Looking forward to connecting with you on +Bagaceous® page <3
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Spring Fever 

Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday, finally the torrential rain has gone. Yesterday it literally looked like "Gorillas In The Mist" from home. Could not see one of the mountains we are surrounded by! 

Sun's out, make it a good day whatever you plan to do <3

+HQSP Flowers  #hqspflowers   #flowersphotography   #spring #paintography   #nature  
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Man thanks +HQSP Flowers and +Krystina Isabella Brion much appreciated :):) 
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To those of you who were a little confused; it is Mother's Day in United Kingdom, Ireland, Nigeria and Bangladesh today.

Mother's Day for my Mom and most of yours is only in May, my Mom gets wishes for both as dual nationality runs in our family :):) 

Happy Sunday all! Looking forward to seeing your pics over on +Sentimental Sunday Theme , don't forget to tag me <3
Love to you all this Mother's Day, may it be extra special!

Looking forward to seeing all your #SentimentalSunday +Sentimental Sunday Theme and #mothersday  shots today! 

My late Dad shot this quick pic after his best friend's wedding of my Mom and I. My hair was still covered in confetti and I was clutching a tiny bouquet, my thank you for being their flower girl <3 

Very special sentimental childhood memories... #mothersday  
Looking forward to seeing everyone's pics.  Happy Sunday all, make it a good one xo
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Totally loving it +Mikko Tyllinen and still contemplating your advice on which phone ;-) 

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Mikko Tyllinen originally shared:
~ Moment before dark ~

Photomanipulation of my  paintig on mobile

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What do you carry in your bag?! ;)
Bagaceous® Best Moments Happen When They Are Unplanned

Our bags are now available to buy online and we ship worldwide.

Any questions, do feel free to ask below in comments, we are always happy to hear from you! Or mail us on:

All seams and stress points are double stitched for durability. They are washable, feature original artwork on both sides and a sturdy 1" wide cotton webbing strap for comfortably carrying over your shoulder.

Sizes available in:

"13 x 13"  *$18.00*

"16 x 16"  *$22.00*

"18 x 18"  *$24.00*

Suitable as great gifts, or for yourself, we use ours for shopping, lugging our laptops around, weekend bags and more!

#bags   #shoppingbags   #shoponline   #designer   #bagaceous  
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Where fashion, models, photographers and jewelry meet up! 
We love candid quick shots of our +Bagaceous® models after runway shows, many thanks to P.Baz for this one of Eva, direct from NYC! 
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Paintography 'Postcard From Paradise for my awesome friend +Daniel Sjostrom whose birthday it is today! Thank you for so many years of smiles :):)

Missing this beautiful part of Spain which was home to me before moving further into "civilization"

Wishing you all the best start to your week, make it a productive one!

#paintography   #flowers   #naturephotography   #seaside  
#10000photographersaro : +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS curated by +Robert SKREINER
#europeanphotography : +European Photo curated by +Susanne Ramharter +Janusz Brakoniecki +Michael Muraz +Jean-Louis LAURENCE
#paintitclub +PaintIt Club  curated by +Richard Mabb +Celso de Carvalho +Clare Bambers  +Carol Small +Assi Kolorilo +Milena Ilieva +Stefan Kierek +Elin Vaeth
#naturemonday : +NatureMonday curated by +Jen Baptist +Rolf Hicker
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Many thanks +Shelly Gunderson hoping your day will be a great one! Still trying to wake up after way too early an airport start x
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Spring Time Blues Paintography 

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend, happy Spring <3

+FloralFriday curated by +Tamara Pruessner +Beth Akerman  +Eustace James +Kiki Nelson  #floralfriday

+HQSP Flowers  #hqspflowers   #ColorsOnFriday #spring #paintography   #nature  
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Happy weekend +Louisa Catharine Forsyth​ :)
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