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My original plans for this evening was to write up a brief article reflecting back to yesterday's Apple announcements. Now with the news this evening of Steve Jobs passing, it seems rather insignificant to be writing about yesterday's announcement. Yet, I can't even begin to think where I would begin to write about Steve Jobs. I suspect it would also be drowned out in all the pieces which am sure are being written now. Still, I may do it for myself anyway.
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Ya... Do it and share with those who follow you :)
Unsolicited advice: write you immediate thoughts, feelings, and reactions now. Then read both all the knee-jerk and pre-prepared pieces over the next week an look for the voids they leave in his rather large story. Write about those voids and color with the aforementioned notes from the now.

That would be a memorable read.
Thanks. I appreciate the feedback and encouragement.
Write what is in your your being...and what is truly felt. This is all that matters in the end. We may go... but our words....our deeds....shall inspire those who come behind.
Apple are asking people to send their thoughts to, so even if you don't decide to puplish your thoughts (which I think you should), write them down, and pass them on to Apple.
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