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Don't bet against the web: 8 new people join the Internet every second
From Royal Pingdom: In total, 172,227,737 people started using the Internet from March to December 2011. This breaks down as follows:

19,136,415 – Per month.
4,784,103 – Per week.
683,443 – Per day.
28,476 – Per hour.
474 – Per minute.
7.9 – Per second.

If you bet against the web, you lose. And we have to understand that only 1/3rd of the world is on the Internet. So just imagine how much more work there is to get the rest of the 2/3 online - and the opportunities that remain when they get here.
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2,267,233,742 people can't be wrong. How do I join?
Cool. I thought the Web and the Internet were two different things. Good to learn they are the same. ;)
151 people per second die in the world calculating on 217,000 per day and 173 people per second are born on the calculation of 273,000 births per day. That means every second there are 22 new people, 8 of which join the internet... Not really sure what that means
OK I am confused. How can people 'join' the internet? The internet is a tool we use.
Yes we could count how many devices are connected at any one time. And possibly tell if they are new or not.
I see no way that we could track if someone was using the internet for the first time... Its not like you have to create an account to join.
Have you seen what Zack Matere in Kenya is doing? He is rehabing laptops and teaching kids and us oldsters how to use them. In the places he hasn't gotten to putting laptops he installs bulletin boards with info for that population. He is worth following and helping where you can. He is on Google +
The big question is, what is their first experience with the web and what do we consider joining? Also how did they decide to join. That new user experience could be a huge place to innovate.
By helping him out by communicating with someone there or helping Zack with software problems or maybe even finding old laptops to send to him Maybe if you join Zack and try to help the folks he has online then they will choose the "right way".
thanks a lot for the compliments +Dad Davis i am setting up a network of rural community noticeboards that will ensure residents in rural Africa get internet content in their language and in print and pictures. they also are able to send s.m.s using blackboard and chalk do watch video and share thanks

Zack Matere: Growing Knowledge
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