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+Chris Brogan is a very fast worker. He's already penned a Google+ for Business book which you can order on Amazon. (Publication is expected in November) A mere 225 pages submitted for a seven-week old social network. That's a rate of 4-5 pages a day.
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how has he already done this with a platform that is in beta and doesn't have any business capabilities yet?
And does it really change everything?
And it's out of date starting: right now. Coming soon: Enjoying your "Color" app!
First to market is good but I'm wondering if this is evolving such that it may be outdated in 6 months? As when they add features for business?
And I mean that as a compliment.
+Sid Burgess - not only disingenuous, but blatantly misleading... like Snake Oil+ ... business people will buy it because they aren't aware of the limitations... maybe I'm speaking too soon. But by marketing the book with the word "business" in it... it borders on outright dishonesty. Now, because it's Brogan - I don't doubt that it is helpful and has useful information, but that's not the point I'm making. I have no doubt that people will buy it though, and that it'll be one of the best selling books on the topic of Google+ for many, many months - if not longer.

And like +Bryan Vartabedian - won't this be outdated in like 2 months? From Brogan's standpoint - he's just accomplished pulling the wool right over someone's eyes. I'm sure he's getting mucho dineiro. And I BET he's already starting on his next G+ book talking about the vast change that has occurred "since his last book". Incredible. Brogan is an incredible salesman.
Don't know if it's very smart though. If Google release their Google+ Pages for Businesses tomorrow, it's more likely to become irrelevant. It's like writing a book about how-to be a great day 7 weeks after your first baby. But that's hard work for sure: congrat's for that.
________ for Business: How _________'s ___________ Changes Everything. Mad Libs for everyone!
I certainly hope he has friends in Google+ to help with the content... otherwise it's just wrong. Business sites section isn't open yet and the platform itself is still in Beta for crying out loud. I've been here since the early beginnings of the BETA period... Maybe I should write a book too? Hmm, thoughts to ponder~~~
I am not touching this with a ten foot pole, and the reason is simple, if a publisher bought it, then what can I say. If it was an e-book where you could update the info quickly, it would make sense.
The early adopters view G+ in a very different way than all my friends. The latter are nowhere near as enamored.
It is amazing how much of the old content is repurposed in new books. I wrote one book and portion of that content was used by two other books. So it is no surprise that someone completed a book so quickly but the surprise will be when people buy that book in droves.
How hard is it to take all your blog posts and do a find and replace twitter/Facebook with Google+?
It's so now to cash in on stuff as soon as you can, even if the information you provide is not useful, has been repurposed, is incomplete or out of date!

Okay, so first, I'm not done writing the book. God, I wish I were. Still have a few weeks of new chapters left to write and then a few weeks of editing (which I stink at, but it has to happen).

Second, too soon doesn't equal snake oil, +Ryan Crowe . It's not like I'm offering to change the universe with the book. Trust Agents was too soon for most people.

Third, publishers publish books all the time about technologies that are still in unfinished states. It's actually an awesome problem to have, as an author, because they'll need/want rewrites, and people will choose to buy when they need the information, not when they think the platform is stable.

Facebook isn't done being built, is it? Twitter isn't done being built, is it? Did people wait around? Well, no.

+Rebecca Harrison - not sure what would be just wrong. You can't write about the tools you're already using to leave this comment? Doesn't seem all that magical to me. But then, I might be wrong.

+Alex Schleber - most all of my writing is pretty thin gruel. I'm not trying to teach you to be a superhero. I'm pointing out basic human marketing or business tactics and ideas that most people don't do well. The most top-selling books of all time are advice books that basically tell you things you already know and sell hundreds of thousands of new copies every year. God, I hope I'm the first book on G+, but I'd rather be the NYT Bestselling book on G+. : )

It's guaranteed that the book will talk about things that end up changing by the time it's crushed and printed into a dead tree. Who gives a shit? You don't own books that are made less useful in SOME regards? One of my favorite business books ever existed before email and still sells without a single mention of email or the internet. It's still pretty good. : )

And I'm not upset or defensive about any of this. I'm just always surprised by how people go absolutely crazy decrying what an evil person I must be for writing a book that none of you need to buy. I'm not writing it for you. I'm writing it for the people you dislike, who have all the money and who want to better understand what you do as second nature. It's okay to not like it. Just tell those people with all the money to like it. : )
WOW, what a bunch of Haters. Hey, I don't think Chris is perfect, but Jesus, if you don't want to read the book DON'T BUY THE BOOK. Seriously.
I say it looks like an interesting read! Kudos! Lets face it, there is precious little hard and fast information out there in terms of G+ for businesses, i would take any insight i can get, and a book - even at this early stage - would be a great place to start. Good luck with completing the writing and with the editing / publishing process, +Chris Brogan.
Great reply, +Chris Brogan, though I don't know why you waste your breath on the haters. I think you should tell all of them to pound sand.
I just can't believe the ridiculous hate in this thread. It IS still a free speech country, right? And NO ONE will be forced to buy the book, right?And lots of people are very curious about G+ Right? What the hell? I know G+ is full of Social Media addicts and Tech geeks, and I'm sure that if this post was on Twitter it would be a different Love/Hate ratio, but I'm SHOCKED at all of the bitterness.
Bon chance +Chris Brogan ...great comment:

"The most top-selling books of all time are advice books that basically tell you things you already know and sell hundreds of thousands of new copies every year. God, I hope I'm the first book on G+, but I'd rather be the NYT Bestselling book on G+. : )"

Now that sounds like some +Kanye West prose ;)
+Amy McCloskey Tobin Funny, I think people are exercising their right to free speech. I didn't see the "hate" I saw people wondering how a book could be written on something not available to businesses at this point. The publisher bought it, so kudos for him for selling it.
So by some of this logic, you can't write a book about the world wide web because it's not "finished" yet. Same with Facebook or Twitter or Salesforce, I suppose. And just because G+ doesn't offer business accounts doesn't mean there aren't business uses for it. That should be a lesson right there that there may very well be some lessons that can be learned, no?

Here's irony for you - I stumbled upon this thread because I wanted to see how active my stream was after reading A Eulogy for Google+.

So either it's already dead or changes everything. Vive la différence!
+Amy McCloskey Tobin The negativity is probably coming from the fact this book is geared towards business and not general G+ know-how. Considering that business pages are not available, combined with Google actively removing business accounts from the service makes this book severely premature. Unless, like some have mentioned, he has insider info on how Google will cater for businesses in the future.
+Chris Brogan - I have followed you and touted you as a fantastic resource for a long time. However, from my limited perspective, the way that this endeavor is being marketed seems like a bit of a stretch. If it's not... it's not... and that's great, and I'd be the first person to shout it from my little mountain if it were a great book. But, let's be honest, too soon does equal snake oil in some circumstances... this seems like one of those circumstances to me (again, limited perspective and all that).

Also - disagreeing or speculating does not automatically = hating +Collin Kromke / +Amy McCloskey Tobin - chill.
Nice thread +Louis Gray I am continually amazed at your ability to open a discussion that allows people to reveal more about themselves than anybody could ever speculate. All the while, keeping any opinion you may to yourself.
First of all, I'm not a hater. +Chris Brogan I wish you the very best with everything you do. Since you've throw it out there, let me explain. Here's what I think is "Just wrong". However, before I begin, I re-read the description you give the book on Amazon. If you stick to that premise then I'm sorry & I was wrong. However, if you're throwing the New Google+ Business Platform into your book without additional information from sources in Google... then yes that is JUST WRONG. And here's why: Several years ago, I went back to college to learn about Computers (1999-2001ish) I'd go to bookstores and buy books for additional learning. Prices ranged from $29.99 to 149.99 each (149.99 for an MCSE book once) I was stupid and didn't know what I was doing. I bought so many outdated books for a bunch of software programs I was trying to learn. After researching some of them... Probably 1/3 of the ones I bought were out of date before they were even published. Granted, Technology's slowed down a little since then. But I'm so tired of watching people take advantage of other people who don't know any better. That's who will be buying this book... some ex-factory working mom or dad, who's trying to figure out a better way to feed his family because the economy is shit right now. I hope you make this book worth their $16.49 + shipping.
"I'm writing it for the people you dislike, who have all the money and who want to better understand what you do as second nature. It's okay to not like it. Just tell those people with all the money to like it. : )"

Pretty much sums it up for me. So it is about the money. Just humor me for a second: If we dislike them so much, then why on Earth would we want them on our network?

By the way, that's quite a long post defending yourself for someone who's not being defensive...

I'm just always surprised at how vehemently some people react to a little constructive criticism.
+Ryan Crowe First of all, if you look back at the entire thread you can see why I would equate it with "hating," which is slang for Negativity. Second of all, if you knew me you would know that I have been critical of Chris in the past - especially on the G+ for Business Webinar I paid to attend a month or so ago. But if he chooses to SELL a book and people choose to buy it - I don't understand the 20+ comments of negativity that, when condensed, really read like sour grapes.

Thirdly: I always find the terms "relax" or "chill" to be more than mildly patronizing.
+Ryan Crowe - I agree that I didn't take your thoughts as being a hater. How am I marketing the book? I mentioned that I wrote a book about marketing and business using Google+ as the palette. I think that's pretty reasonable.

+Paul Forté - um, I don't write books for entertainment value. I write blogs for that. Yes, writing a book is about money. Last I knew, people chose where they monetized. Books are actually crappy money-makers, but the speeches the get me? Well, those are nice. :)

+Paul Forté - I don't see a lot of "constructive" criticism above. Do you?

BTW, I was just laughing, and I hope you will, too, at the idea of having people write reviews (mostly was laughing thinking of negative ones) on the Amazon page BEFORE the book came out. See where I'm driving? The book isn't written yet. There's a page. People are saying "Too soon!" I'm thinking... "wouldn't it be funny if people could write really angry negative bad reviews BEFORE the book was out?" Anyway, I'm punchy from writing so much and having to EDIT at the same time.

: )
BTW, +Louis Gray and I have punched each other in the mouth before. True story. : )
+Chris Brogan - I look forward to reading the book. I understand your reasoning and there is some sense to it, and surely my point of view isn't completely"unreasonable" to you, either. Don't get the tenor of the post/criticism wrong. I'm a big fan.

+Amy McCloskey Tobin - Well, Amy, like you said - I don't know you... so, remembering that fact, you might not be surprised that I don't see why you would equate it with "hating" - it seems like an overreaction to me. We might associate different behaviors with "hating". We may not see eye-to-eye on this point. It happens.

Your relationship with the words relax and chill are not my problem, but I can tell you - I was not attempting to patronize you, but rather attempting to ease some of the tension in the thread. Another way to succinctly say "ease the tension" is to say "relax"... or, in slang, "chill".
That's a shame, +Chris Brogan, because I buy and read books for entertainment value. Then again, I don't bother buying tech books anymore because they're useless by the time they hit the shelves. To each his own, I suppose.
+Amy McCloskey Tobin Stop telling people to go back and re-read the thread when your the one who has overlooked something. We weren't "Hatin' and several people even pointed that out to you and you still missed it. Quit forcing your own HATE on others where there IS or WAS none to begin with.
I'm reminded of a dear friend who once told me in an instant message: "Quit putting $%#! smiley faces on the end of everything you say. It doesn't soften what you say, and it makes you look like a smug *#&%."
+Ryan Crowe - I dunno. I don't see velocity equating to snake oil, plus I've published two books and several years of blogs that let you decide if I'm trying to smoke anyone. I'd say my record stands for itself.

+Paul Forté - I buy and read books for entertainment value, too. I WRITE books for business. Two different things. I'm not Paolo Coelho. As for smiley faces, I use them frequently, because I'm frequently smiling. I look MORE like a smug #)(*#4 in person. Believe me.
+Chris Brogan - people are changed by money, people are changed by the promise of fame... by the opportunities that are open to them. Would you say you are the exact same person as you were when you wrote your first book... your second? I don't think it would be ridiculous to imagine that you've become a shrewd and/or cunning businessman in that time. In fact, judging by your intellect, it would be somewhat of an insult to think that you haven't learned a thing or two about business in that time. Monetizing your talents is an admirable skill.

Your public record stands for itself, yes - it is history - and barring the release of some condemning evidence - it's clean. The acts that have yet to be added to your record do not stand for themselves, though, and thus are subject to healthy skepticism. So, when a situation like this happens that arouses skepticism, is it really "unreasonable"? Incomprehensible? Do you believe that you are entitled to the public's trust? You may have reached a high level of notoriety or even "fame", but you are not above the temptations that affect us all - in fact, I'd argue that you are more susceptible to them. And just like everyone else - your actions will define you. So far... so good. :)
Ryan, just a small detail : if I were doing it to bilk people out of money, which seems to be your reasoning above, I would pick something worth more than a book. They don't pay well, books. I could make more selling popcorn in Boston.

As for "fame, " oh I'm Brad Pitt famous. Write books for nerds, I heard Warhol say. There's your fame for 15 pixels.

One last note: I'm not above scrutiny. I just would prefer more thoughtful judges.

Goodnight for now. :) 
+Chris Brogan You said: "I would prefer more thoughtful judges." But it seems like you meant "I would prefer judges whose thoughts were more like mine".

Goodnight! ;)
+Chris Brogan, with regards to the criticism, I see a lot of constructive criticism in this very post, even if some of it isn't the most diplomatic. I'm looking at a huge group of passionate users who feel Google+ isn't exactly ready for prime time, and they're enjoying the fact that Coca-Cola isn't telling us how awesome they are every 5 minutes. They're appreciative of the fact that Google isn't just opening the flood gates to businesses, that the focus of Google+ at the moment isn't about promoting business, and they want it to stay that way until Google properly integrates businesses into the network. They're also kind of tired of hearing how this "field trial" project "changes everything" when it isn't quite positioned to do that at the moment. In other words, they're passionate about building a network carefully and considerately. If that's not "constructive", I don't know what is.

I'm sorry that you've decided writing books is strictly business. It's one thing to make money doing what you love, but it's another when you're only doing what you love to fatten your wallet. It's the difference between an entrepreneur and a sell-out in my book... which I'm writing because I enjoy the art form and craft of writing, and probably won't ever publish.
+Chris Brogan - First of all, I think you're great. And as a newcomer into this "thousands of people are watching what I say" thing, I feel like I want to tell you that I know it stings when someone doesn't want to high five the crap out of you for what you've done or said. I really understand. I am new at this, so it really gets me down for a minute when I feel like someone's trying to knock the wind out of my sails. You have dealt with it so much that you probably don't even bother processing it -- when someone's negative, they'd better have a really compelling objection, or it's not worth your time.

And that's a good approach. It's smart. It saves sanity.

But Ryan is raising a reasonable point, not trying to attack you. He says repeatedly in his comments that he respects you but is questioning you on this. You are treating him like he's not taking into account how much you know and how respected you are. He knows! We all do.

That said...I think you would really demonstrate that you understand this platform if you responded to this perfectly reasonable question, which is, how can you sell your thoughts on Google+ when it's still so new? I'm all for making money for your ideas -- I'd love to do that myself, one day. We'd all love to be able to get paid to do what we love. We envy you for that, but that's not the motive behind this question we're asking. Telling us that you can do it because no one else waited on other platforms isn't a satisfying answer. Should it be? Aren't you sort of behaving in a way that isn't in line with the way G+ users seem to feel about this place?
Not at all, +Simon Salt, not at all. There are bands out there who have "made it big" by playing for the enjoyment of music, and then there are the ones who write an album to get their logo on lunchboxes in middle schools across the country. I very much reject the "punk" community's notion that every band who signs to a major record label is a "sell-out", but I'm also not above calling Green Day that when they put the American Idiot logo on "awareness bracelets" to sell at Hot Topic... and I even liked the album. When your primary mission becomes to make money, even if you're whining that it's not that much money, yes, you're a sell-out. And yes, when professional athletes sue their neighbors for putting up a fence that casts too much of a shadow on their solid gold poolside bar or whine because $20 million "isn't enough", they're sell-outs.
+Richard Becker you are an astute young man. If I had early access to +Chris Brogan's book, I could give you feedback on whether it is good or bad. All I can report is that Chris has published a book that is likely relevant to people here who like this platform. I don't think it's my call as to whether it's good or bad, early or late. It's akin to my telling you that Google+ is going to be discussed on CNBC. Information only. That said, Chris posting something delivers a different level of panache or veracity than an unknown person.
I don't know how it will change everything for business. I can't say much about it unless I read excerpts or first chapters from the book. It's also better to have a collab co-authorship that enable the book to be update-able as G+ evolves and features might change overnight.
Good luck, +Chris Brogan.
+Rebecca Harrison sorry for being absent. After posting this, I drove 80 minutes home from work, went to OSH to buy Liquid Plumbr to fix a sink problem (which didn't work), stopped at a friend's house to drop off a gift, came home to help feed the kids dinner, and then I went to a poker tournament at a friend's house. Now I am caught up. Next time, I will stay at the monitor. :)
Amazing! We have our first Google+ Workshop today, but no time for a book so far! ;)
LOL sorry to hear about the plumbing. Before calling a plumber, or going out and buying one of those plumbing snakes (google "turbo snake") just unscrew the drain stopper and check for hair. It's usually not as far down the drain as you think it is. (unclogged tub and sink recently)

As for the rest of your post.. I just thought it was funny. It's good to hear you're out living life. Enjoy!
Besides business account and open app platform, targeted AD to each circle user created might give big impact to business,i guess.
4-5 pages a day is one way to look at the math. Or there is a lot of content that pre-dates the service. Or there is the usual whitespace plus unrelated but interesting pages which can be cranked out by a number of different people.

What will be missing is lots of insight as to how the community has evolved and how the service has changed over time.
G+ is in beta, businesses are not here yet, and I saw a recent comment from him, whining that they keep changing - and he's trying to write a book! Why? Who will buy a book which is already out of date? Oh well, what do I know.
+Rebecca Harrison +Ryan Crowe Just to clarify what I meant by the word "Hater," which is not to be confused with the biblical word "hate." From the Urban Dictionary:

"A person that simply cannot be happy for another person's success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person.

Hating, the result of being a hater, is not exactly jealousy. The hater doesnt really want to be the person he or she hates, rather the hater wants to knock somelse down a notch."

I'm all for criticism, and eventually this thread DID include what I would call reasoned and constructive criticism, but I stand by my statement that the first 10 - 15 or so comments I came across appear more like the urban definition of "hate."
+Amy McCloskey Tobin I went to the same webpage ( However, I agree with the second definition which says it's an "*Overused* word that people like to use just because someone else expresses a dislike for a certain individual." In this case, it wasn't the individual but an idea behind a book, but you get the idea.

Urban Dictionary is a bunch of slang terms generally used by kids or young adults. I'll admit that I use them as well. But I commented earlier based on the words you wrote, which didn't sound very Slang-ish. You said... "I just can't believe the ridiculous hate in this thread. It IS still a free speech country, right? And NO ONE will be forced to buy the book, right?And lots of people are very curious about G+ Right? What the hell?"

One of the things I LOVE about Google+ is that it allows adults to have genuine conversations or in this case debates over various topics. You're welcome to your opinion, in fact, we all are. Sorry, but I don't believe the whole "Urban Dictionary" thing in your last reply, but this thread now has 75 comments, maybe I missed something?
Well +Rebecca Harrison I guess what you are saying is that I went back and redefined my argument, which, again, if you knew me personally you would know is preposterous.

Secondly, if you went back to my INITIAL comment where I used the word "Hater" you would see that I didn't mean it in the biblical sense of hate:

"WOW, what a bunch of Haters. Hey, I don't think Chris is perfect, but Jesus, if you don't want to read the book DON'T BUY THE BOOK. Seriously."

Thridly, I don't think "Urban" language is only used by kids. I grew up in a very urban culture and I have many adult friends who use the term "hate" and "haters" regularly in the same way I did.
My two cents...

You know... outside of the social media bubble most of you live in, most people are HIGHLY skeptical of self proclaimed "social media experts". As an industry and out of respect for your own work, most of you should do less cheerleading for each other and demonstrate a little more scrutiny of your peers.

I don't know Chris Brogan and I don't hate him. For all I care, his name could be Bob Smith. It makes no logical sense for anyone to hold webinars and write books about business uses for Google+ while it's in beta and while specific business applications for G+ have been mentioned but haven't been released yet. For this reason, it looks like Chris is preying on the ignorance of others who don't realize that he can't possibly have any unique value on this subject at this point in time. If you value your work in social media and consider yourself someone who is credible and tries to add real value to your clients, you have to call out this blatant exploitation. I'm not against anyone making a living evangelizing social media and it's not about hating.

As a real business user of social media (note: I'm not a "social media expert") there is no way I would trust anyone claiming to have some unique insight on business applications of G+ at this point in time.
+Greg Knieriemen I hear you about the social media bubble; I spend my days working with real small business owners trying to market their businesses more effectively.

The only issue I take with you comment is this: It IS likely that +Chris Brogan could have 'inside knowledge' of what G+ will do for Brands.
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