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As Promised: My Top 99 Circle

I follow hundreds of people and pages on Google+, some more than others. If you follow these folks, and I bet you already follow many of them, you will never get bored. I look forward to checking out many of your #Top99 s and discovering even more voices I may have been missing.
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Crap! Didn't make the cut! Clearly, I need to up the interestingness! ;)

Great looking list!  Not surprised to see huge overlap with my favorites I already follow.
+Adnan Ahmed I can see my own circles, but other people's circles can only be viewed on a desktop. So posting and commenting are fine, but extending your network, being social, isn't #fail #fornow
I told you, I refuse to root for the A's just to get into this circle. 
Add me next time I'm fun 
Jesus Christ! honestly Louis?!? Wow, I'm seriously speechless (I can at least type still :). Thank you sincerely +Louis Gray  your recommendation, wow, this is like a laurel, a medal on my chest or a statue for my mantle. yeah you and I go way back and though I may "bust your balls" :) I could never be so proud of you and all you've accomplished. 

I've had personal reasons holding back from G+ (and all my usual doc nets) these past few months a bunch of your know that shizz shizzo, but I seriously miss Philosophy Friday's :) and the big metaphysical and pedantic verbosity aka philosophy :) with +Michael Baker et al :D

I hope to be on top form soon :) love you and miss you all heaps <3!
I made the cut!  Whooohoooo!
The Besbris family are my favorite Google+ power couple.
+Louis Gray thanks for sharing the list... Great to see so many familiar names being recognised.
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