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Winning quote from +Sundar Pichai: "Question: Are we going to see TV ads for this? Pichai: Not that I know of. +Scott Johnston: The Super Bowl’s a long time from now. Pichai: If the Niners make it."

So if the +San Francisco 49ers make the Super Bowl... boom. Google Drive commercial. Mark it down.
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Having app support and not just API support is what makes it better than DropBox, SkyDrive and the rest.
As long a the 9ers have to go through the World Champion New York Football Giants, there's no chance of a Superbowl.
+Louis Gray how 'bout sponsor a NASCAR race car. Get a nice big hood or rear spoiler for a couple of races on a vehicle with potential for a lot of camera time. Would be a clever placement. Nascar Driver drives a Ford/Toyota/Dodge powered by Gdrive. :)
"When you upload content to our Services, you give Google a worldwide license to use, reproduce, create derivative works and distribute such content. The rights you grant in this license are for the limited purpose of operating, promoting, and improving our Services, and to develop new ones."

So, if I upload a confidential document on Drive with a brilliant idea for a new startup, Google could take it and implement it. If I take a video, they could use it for an ad. Without paying anything.
thanks to all. now i'm study the matter. ( quite interesting...) i've 50 gb of docs ..:-)
+Hugh Isaacs II no. I disagree. If you use a don't be evil approach i agree, but no. from a legal point of view they can use all our data for what they want
thanks +Louis Gray but : "But what about the section that talks about “publicly perform, publicly display and distribute” your content? It sounds a bit dubious, but I think that it’s actually quite innocent, at least in my non-legal-trained mind.". ...
maybe i'm too legal minded, but legally i repeat (i trust totally google) google can USE and REPRODUCE my data for what i read here. +Brad McCarty
their use of the content you upload is further limited by your privacy settings though so you say to google:

"You can show anything I upload to anyone" when you start using Drive then "You can only show this picture to Chuck." when you upload a picture to Drive... I'm not a lawyer but that sounds to me like they can only show that picture to Chuck.
+William Benjamin John Davis from a tech point of view you are absolutely right. butI have the feeling that google have used terms too lightly andbefore putting confidential data or documents i hope things will be explained well.
"use" reproduce", too vague. could say so much clearer that can move my data to multiple servers or that can be played in an internet cafe. the thing said so from my point of view is dangerous.
Would love to try Google Drive but apparently no linux client yet sad panda
Still, my dropbox is working brilliantly :D
instead of March of the Penguins it should be the GoogleDrive of the Penguins. :)
With its OCR it might replace evernote for some. 
+Louis Gray I am using Google Drive and really enjoying it. Three questions though:
1. Maybe I am not smart enough, but I don't understand the difference he was talking about between something like Dropbox and Google Drive (except app support of course). In fact, changing terms from Collections to Folders (though I think it was a great move) actually makes you think MORE about file management.
2. Are they planning on supporting multiple accounts (for people like me with both a personal Google account and a Google Apps account)
3. What was the integration with Gmail that was delayed?
+Christopher Wagner at least the android app already supports multiple accounts. You can easily switch between them from within the app.
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