Buzzfeed on +Sundar Pichai, the Google CEO you HAVE Heard Of

Almost five years ago, I ran into Sundar in the stairwells of Google, having just joined the company. I was holding a MacBook Air, which I'd been given as a Noogler. Knowing he ran ChromeOS, I told him I wished I could be carrying around a Chrome laptop instead. He was apologetic, saying he agreed, and was working on it.

By 2013, when the Pixel was announced, I traded IM's with Sundar just hours after the public launch. I congratulated him on the launch, and his response, to my surprise, was a humble one... "Do you have one yet?" Surprised, I said no, as it was the first day. He responded, "I'm so sorry. You were supposed to be on the list."

I paused, saying, no, it was fine. I'd get one soon. He reiterated, "You were supposed to be on the list. Contact +Caesar Sengupta and he will get you one." Less than an hour later, I had my hands on the Chromebook PIxel and I haven't used a Mac at work since.

Google is incredibly lucky to have Sundar as CEO. I bring up the story because while it's a small one, and I'm just one person, I know Sundar is friendly, approachable, humble and focused - all attributes necessary to earn and succeed the role he's found himself in today. Now, all of you know Sundar already, but this article will help you know him more, and see the person we already knew well.

Thanks +Mathew Honan for the piece.
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