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Attention Mac Google+ Users

+Sully Taylor has created a nice little dedicated app that runs Google+ in its own browser, so you can give Chrome/Safari/FireFox/Whatever all your attention in one space, and never miss a post on Google+. The app, which you can download at the link below, is the equivalent of making Google+ a stand-alone app, prior to the G+ team rolling out a full-featured API. This is how I am using Google+ now when not on the Chromebook. Check it out.

Of note, +Sully Taylor is one of the great entrepreneurial teens involved with Teens In Tech, where I spent a lot of the summer, including a great conference Friday.

Download Now
Google+ for Mac. View or opt/alt click to download.
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I don't want to rain on Sully's parade, but can't you do this with Fluid?
It's working fine on my end - Now, I know I can resize it, but I'd like to see the Full Screen option on this app (new feature on Lion).
This app requires Chrome in order to function, and points it to Look at paths for where you need to locate the app, and have Chrome located in order to function.

"exec /Applications/Google\\ Chrome --app="" --user-data-dir="/Applications/" "$@""
Commenting from the Google+ app, works fine for me. In the TechCrunch article, Sully is quoted as having bigger plans for the app. More to come?
Wow, this is very useful for me - I haven't yet quite figured out the best way to make Google+ an integrated part of what I do all day while avoiding dangerous distraction. This might do the trick! Thanks for the tip.
I love it. My own Icon for Google Plus and it is open all the time.
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