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Jury: No patent infringement by Google in Oracle Android suit. Me: No comment. :)
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Damn it. I was hoping they'd be forced to move toward C#. :( Anyway, back to leveling-up on Java
haha. No one believed in Android or mobile .. and now they are all trying to extort money from Google and their partners. Microsoft, Oracle, you are all bunch of losers.
I am so very happy about this one, was discussing it in one of my classes, and how it would have influenced everything that relies on code in the future. That has been an interesting discussion.
Your no comment explains everything!
It's slightly disturbing that they felt APIs could be patented though.

I'm glad you guys fought it all the way, since it's now precedent and can be used to defend other people who do implement their own version of a patented API.
Good news. Would be nice if the tech world would focus on innovation again instead of suing each other across the globe.
Revenue steaming via so sad. Dissuades genuine innovation.
I hope this is the first nail in the coffin of patent trolling and parasite piggybacking as business models. Google and everybody else's competitors: is it time to hire designers and engineers rather than lawyers and start innovating yet?
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