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This morning, +Google+ opened the doors to teens and young adults. A number of teen-friendly brands and young celebrities are on Google+ and we've highlighted several of them in this shared circle. For those new young users just joining today and in the next few days, check out even more recommendations here:
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Now we'll see how G+ stacks up against Facebook...the teen crowd are heavy social network users.
Eva Chen from Teen Vogue is amazing.
I hope Google does a better job than Facebook in protecting the identities of 13-16 year olds.
+Christopher Olson they have done.... the way they are dealing with the hangouts... i'am just loving it..!! :)
if i am in a hangout, and some stranger joins the hangout, then i will be redirected to a new window telling me that, a new person has joined the hangout, and asking me to re-join, if i wish too"
There goes the neighborhood! G+ is where I come to get away from teens :-D

Just joking. I'm glad G+ is finally open to everyone. I know a lot of kids who were using it already... Now, at least, they can use it without breaking any rules ;-)
+Louis Gray That makes me feel better. Facebook had very little in the way of safety for minors and it always bothered me.
This is all the more reason we need the Incoming Stream back, as well as more ignore and block filter options that we can preset.
^can't you see us happy..? :P
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