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New Special Edition +Google Analytics Android Figure!
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The third mini collectible special edition Google Analytics Android figure is now here. This latest version has the new design inspired by Analytics' branding and favicon. I'll be adding this figure to my wall of fame this evening at home. Thanks to +Adam Singer and +Andrew Bell for designing.
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Let this be the next mini being raffled in the community
If only this was available to more people ;) eBay prices on these guys are insane.
Owie !!!! +Louis Gray by any chance, could you have another? Thanks 

What is the name under the box? 
Good God +Louis Gray I have not seen one of your posts in ages. Where did you go?
You're not as active as once you were on social networks, I miss your posts. +Louis Gray
Wish these things were available in the UK, I'd like a few. Not enough to pay import tax and eBay seller ripoff fees mind you.
+Louis Gray Is there a way to turn on an Everything setting in my home feed? I am missing a ton of peeps on the "More" setting +Louis Gray such as obviously you...
Typo Pl
+Louis Gray Could you post a photo of the bottom of the box? TIA
Would be awesome to own one of these. I'll never due to the ridiculous selling price but would be amazing. Alas... Really great design on this one! 
Oh man, what do I need to do to convince you to save me one? :) 
Does this figurine do anything ;)
From where I can also get to add to my wall of fame too +Louis Gray ?  I love these Collectibles a lot but I did not find source to get these all the way here in India :( :( :( :(
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