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Braden and me - at my Nana's 80th birthday party yesterday. See the resemblance? He looks like a porcelain doll. Me? Not sure.
(Photo credit: +Terrie Gray)
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He is adorable ( Braden that is ) But he does have your eyes. and your Smile lights up! but how can they not when He loves his Dad like that or +Terrie Gray said something to make you laugh! Happy Birthday to your NANA........ you would look like a porcelain doll if you weren't so tan :)
+Thomas Power thanks. I still use the one you helped me make at Ecademy, every single day.
Great pic. This one is for posterity. If he is the porcelain doll,,,, well you are the craftsman who created it.(only one part,the other part being his mom.). +Louis Gray

I wish many happy and peaceful years for your Nana

+Terrie Gray , You shoot straight & great
nice pic have a nice day together 2 jentelmen
Father and son pictures are always awesome.
A white lion and his son. His smile is superb. He will fair better than you. I hope so anyway . Amen!!!
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