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Slashdot Readers Suggest Chromebook Over Tablet to Replace Old PC
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The geek forum +Slashdot has an "Ask Slashdot" feature, where you can ask the community recommendations on tech. I ran into a question from yesterday where the author asks for help in replacing his mother's dead desktop, 2,500 miles away. The nut question - is a tablet good enough?

The answers throughout the post may surprise most, but not me...
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How I wish I could follow this advice. If I wasn't tethered to the moribund Microsoft past I'd do it in an instant.
So nice to see The Word spreading, +Louis Gray!

Just to confirm: You aren't AKA ArchieBunker and/or DeathLizard - are You?  :-)
Ha-ha! And I solemnly swear that I was just teasing when I asked. :-)
Just need more european love, or Scandinavia at least (Norway) - and I'll order 3; wife, kid and me.

It's an awesome concept though I'm a bit curious about its offline ability, but that can be managed anyhow :) No biggie. 
I was at a major retailer lately that sells Chrome books.   I overheard one sales associate telling another that out  of all similar products, they were seeing a huge number of returns on the Chrome books.  The other opined that it might be because people think they're buying a fully featured laptop, get it home, cannot run their favorite software, get frustrated and return it. 
/. sure has changed.  If you mentioned chromebooks even a year ago, you would have been bum-rushed by the grumblegrumble posse
Unfortunately, I was at a Best Buy in western WA and I heard a Chromebook rep (paid ad agency by Google; I asked him) telling flat out lies about the Chromebook. The display was near the Apple section, and he was very unprofessional. 

I'm a fan of Chromebooks so I said nothing at the time, and it didn't look like what he was saying (it runs your fav apps, it's faster than any Macbook, etc etc) was working, but I was put off by the experience. 
My only resistance to Chromebooks or Ubuntu that currently runs my main desktop machine is the lack of great video editing software.

Conquer that problem thru the browser and we will really have something. If not then for my business, I have to buy a Mac or a Win 8 or and dual boot. Even though I have been running my online business thru the browser and Google for 4 years now. Got any suggestions on this one +Louis Gray ?

Although, I do have to say in defense of Google overall, Hangouts On Air has solved much of my video productions needs already.
+John McWade To be fair, the Chomebooks have changed a lot in the last year as well. 
Is there any chance for a future  merging of Chrome OS and Android?  Having a low cost (touch screen) chrome book that could run android apps would go a long way to making these a lot more useful.
Or, +Chris Aguilar , just have something instead along the lines of bluestacks that runs Android apps
Nav H.
lol nice joke.
I gave my mother a chromebox to replace her old dead desktop last year. I admit it is essentially all she needs in a nice compact form and it is blazing fast to start up and shutdown.

However, I definitely would disagree with DeathLizard's comment they "just work", at least for the chromebox. My mothers webcam never worked and still isn't recognized at all, the resolution is completely stretched and the only solution I've found on google groups is to purchase a new monitor and stop using DVI-VGA, and her printer/scanner is now a paperweight since its not Google cloud print ready.

My hope is that with the continuous updates being pushed OTA (which is great) some of these issues will be resolved. Right now I can't say I'd recommend it as a drop in desktop replacement, unless you're prepared to shell out for a new webcam/monitor/printer to bring all the peripherals up to date as well.
+Daniel Poulsen USB webcam? Should work-- is she on the latest version -- USB webcam and audio is supported as of R21. If it's not too much of a hassle, can you have her submit feedback via chrome menu > report an issue when she tries to use it/connect via hangout and include the version/model of the webcam so we can reproduce in a lab? 

Also WRT external display, have you tried toggling your display settings?

For Cloud Print, you can use classic print (more info via 
I have to mention another nice perk of ChromeOS is the abundance of Googlers who are quick to try and help out! Thanks +Melissa Daniels 

Yes, an old USB webcam Logitech QuickCam Communicate STX. I assume she is on the latest version but I have no way to verify since I'm 3000 miles away. I believe I submitted a feedback ticket when I was home over the holidays.

Tried the display toggle with no luck. Seems like a lot of people on google groups have issues using a DVI-VGA adapter. At this point I will probably just buy her another monitor with DVI input.

Unless I am misunderstanding, to use classic print she'd need a second Windows, Mac, or Linux computer to run the printer, but the chromebox replaced her old Windows box.
+Daniel Poulsen Ok I'll take a look for your report and see if we don't have the same camera around and can't repro. But it definitely should work, and this sounds like a regression. 

If you're going to replace the display anyway, try finding one with a DisplayPort output-- you'll get the best image quality with that :) 

Yes, you're right about the classic print, wasn't sure if you still had an old windows box handy (as some people keep them around). 
Tell you what. Can I have a chromebook at a chromebook price with a 1Tb hard disk that runs Windows 7 Home Premium?
What would be great would be - considering the $249 Chromebook - if a new Chromebox was available in the $150 range.  I think it should be quite doable sans battery and screen cost.  Honestly even a $200 unit with an x86 Celeron or Pentium unit.
I'm hoping the recently reported Chromebox case re-design harkens some movement on that front.
+Louis Gray Hi, not sure if you can advise me, I have a question in my chromebook at first everything was fine after the latest updates DOAS, experiment several problems like that and I have no retreat or advance function with three fingers, pop not appear more alert, none, finally some details, and now my Drive change my language from Spanish to English, and even if you move follows in English .. my question, I fix this? or who can help me?
Bought a #Chromebook  as a write-off @ the end of the year:)  Have to admit I usually start out on my desktop in the afternoon, then hit the IPad for a bit and then the Chromebook:)  It does have great Battery Life and I'm Positive it's going to be great as an extra device to have around the studio when an intern or client needs or wants access to the internet:) But, I also like that it'll read my Camera cards:)  Anyhoo...great device for the price!:) 
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