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Going to Preschool In Style

On the first day of preschool this year, Matthew and Sarah told my wife (+Kristine Gray) they wanted to wear their matching Google shirts. So off they went to impress their 4 year old peers, sporting an Open Source philosophy. I wouldn't have believed it, except for the photographic evidence.

No word on any pre-K registrants at
Shirts originally procured via +Chris DiBona.
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Louis, that is cheating... :-)
Those two will be instant celebs at their school...

(Of course, if I had one to give my grandson...)
I hope the other children can learn from their wisdom.
ς੭♥ ς੭♥ ς੭♥ Cute ς੭♥ ς੭♥ ς੭♥  kisses ς੭♥ ς੭♥ ς੭♥
Like kids, open source is the future
young googlers... have to get me those t-shirts one of those days.
Go future adorable Googlers! Go conquer the (pre-K) world! ;-)
Seems just like yesterday you posted on FriendFeed that they were born.
+Louis Gray The day they pick the Daria Musk t-shirts for school I will officially feel like I made it! :)
That's exactly what I need to get for my little girls. 
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