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Nearly every day, I see Google's self-driving cars on the perimeter of our Mountain View campus. I haven't yet set foot in one. But a man named Steve Mahan got to drive one. See his experience in this video and see why this innovation is special.
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No no... the car drove HIM. :)

Wait... I see a "In Soviet Union" joke here...
Can you try to get it on Top Gear UK. One of the most popular tv shows in the UK, and around the world for car related entertainment? :D
+Louis Gray Thank you Google and all of its employees for everything that you do everyday to make the world a better place!!!
if I see that on the road, I'm jumping in front of it ;-)
People might pass their restricted and full really well in these.. :P
I expect that when my kids turn 16 they will have the option of a manual-driving license with an expensive insurance premium or an auto-driving license with next-to-nothing insurance. It won't be long until humans will only drive in video games.
the last time i played Madden11 or 12 i only had to throw the football, i didnt do anything else but choose a play
Yeah, let's see one traveling the Belt Parkway in NYC at about 5PM. Now that's a test!
When it becomes practical, Obama will decree everyone have one. Then Big Brother will know exactly where everyone is and if you offend the government, they can drive you directly to the nearest concentration camp.
+Michael O'Connor These cars have 200K+ miles of driving experience now, with zero accident. They will do great in NYC!
yay that is a very good thing you are doinng abut the bulls yay x
Just kidding, I fully expect to see those things replacing NYC cabs within my lifetime!
+Keyvan Oskooi Because I am a visionary. Liberals will use traffic accident death statistics to outlaw manual driving of cars. It's for the children!!
"self driving cars"
" to drive one"
This is cool, looking forward to a future when distracted drivers aren't constantly trying to kill me on my motorcycle.
Self-driving? That's so iffy and dangerous sounding, yet I'd try that car anyway.
That is truly amazing, thanks for sharing.
I can't wait for this technology to be common place. Then all you folks who hate driving can stay to one lane while I get to cruise in my archaic, manually driven vehicle and love every damn minute of it! Remember, some of us actually like operating cars.
Yet another reason for people to be lazy and mindless - despite the innovation. (Right up there with the GPS devices)(No, I am NOT a Luddite!)
did google make a car 4 the blind peeps?
Is it a gravitsapa on top of the car?
Chrysler circa 1967 developed a car that would automatically follow copper strips down a highway. The main problem? People would steal the copper!
+Michael McCurdy Probably 15 years ago, AT&T Bell Labs developed a system that used a small wire embedded in the pavement. I don't know what happened to that one.
With self driving car you would need self paying insurance.
Too many questions still to be answered! When something does go wrong who's insurance is responsible, maybe the manufacturer of the system? At a busy junction in rush-hour will it wait until the traffic eases after 3 hours before it finds a safe gap to proceed? Most crashes are the result of someone in a hurry, so it would force them to make enough time available for the journey, until it stops ages at the busy junction.
Actually, driving the "cycle" should be safer if that does happen...
I can drive really well, but I hate it(and I'm only 19). I've already been in an accident(the lady behind me was speeding and rear ended me when I went to turn onto a sideroad) and I always feel super high strung whenever driving. I would LOVE a car that could drive for me. it'd give me ~an hour or two more a day to work on stuff as I travel to/fro my full time job and college classes (And I wish public transit was an option where I live).

I agree that the whole thing on governmental tracking of cars is not a good thing, but if you're really that paranoid about where you're going(for instance to do illegal things or cheat on your SO, you need to get off your bum and walk/run/cycle.) Also, I'm sure older cars would not be made illegal, there's a whole entire CULTURE around cars, and if any government tried to outlaw them- there'd be an uproar!

And I'm a progressive. So there. (BTW, totes not voting for Obama, totes voting for a 3rd party this year after I do a bit of research on the candidates. :) )
+Bo Zhang I would assume the company would be at fault for selling a faulty product, not the owner. Even so, I could understand if the person modified the car(custom parts as opposed to normal maintenance/repairs), then being at fault because they tinkered with something and could likely have messed something up that the car would need for calibration(IE measuring distance speeds, etc).
Like cruise control, ABS breaks, accident avoidance radar... we won't just wake up one day and be driving autonomous vehicles. Test beds like these will refine the technology that makes our driving safer.
+Theo Von Druessel although you are the most interesting man in the world. I think you are wrong about mandatory autonomy in motor vehicles.
"Stay thirsty my friends"
It's amazing what is possible now, overwhelming almost.
+Bo Zhang , this is an excellent example of the total logic failure of the idea of a harm-based legal system and a competition-based government. It ignores the reality of causal factors of harm and thus eliminates the possibility of effective solutions that help us heal and grow as a system. A healthy legal/government system focuses on ensuring our needs to be healthy directly - high quality food, water, air, warmth, sunlight, and the freedom to express our body's excess matter and energy - unconditionally, and it focuses on solving conflicts through mediation aiming for win-win solutions, rather than adding more harm to the system. We're already seeing this more healthy and evolutionarily proven kind of system emerge in human culture, where some groups are focused on working collaboratively to understand what individuals need and what they have to offer, and sharing that data so that resources can be more easily moved to where they are most needed, and all individuals in then system are respected and supported in being their healthiest so that they can contribute their best to the system. The more we do this, the healthier the system will be.
This is truly what technology is all about !
Wow ! Need to get one of those for my Dad !
Thanks Google for investing in people with great ideas !
+Bo Zhang The programmers who wrote the software to be safe and not kill people. Oh gods, I'm a programmer!
This is really cool~ So I can do the other stuff when I am driving.
I didn't realize he was blind untill he got out of the car, blew my mind, that is some crazy technology, and it makes DUI's impossible!!! GOOGLE WHAT!
I could finally read while taking a 4 hour drive some place. This is epic.
+Bo Zhang Probably the other driver. A self-driving car doesn't get impatient, it doesn't speed, always keeps a good distance, and should (and probably does), record all it's actions <insert Google privacy criticism here>. When an accident accrues, the law will automatically blame the person who broke the rules 1st. The law will not accuse the gun that shot the victim, because guns don't just spit out bullets. people with guns do.
I believe eventually it will be illegal to drive a car manually.
This made me so happy. Google I wish you the best on this journey. This video touched my heart. You're amazing. Thank you.
A long time ago I read a book that talked about self driving cars. I just never expected them to come from Google.
i love how the post above this is a ferrari
Can't be any worse than tools who currently operate Prius.
FAKE! The guy was driving the car with his computer. What else would he be doing with a computer plugged into the car?
I'd imagine that particular car had dual controls, and the journey was not only a carefully planned route, but a carefully planned time of day (i.e. nowhere near rush hour!). You can bet that by the time these become a reality they will have to endure testing far tougher than even the toughest driving test in the world.

Of course, unlike human drivers, they will follow the Highway Code to the letter. I doubt they'd upload their data but the onboard computer would probably have a running log of several hours worth of data readings from the video camera, sensors and radar so in the event of an accident, the data could be interpreted to reconstruct exactly what happened at the time of the accident.

Heck, I'd imagine insurance companies would give hefty discounts to users of these cars as once they've been approved for road use, they'd probably be safer than a human driven car and would make the claims process significantly shorter. However, it would have to be a factory fit, wouldn't be allowed to be retrofitted, would have to undergo renewed certification for every make / model / trim / engine size of car, and would add a very hefty premium to the car's price. There would also have to be a manual override for if you drove it under a low bridge and sliced off the radar, for racing and other unconventional activities - although no doubt if the system was functional (as opposed to damaged) the sensors would still operate so allowing it to prove whether it was the human driver or other factors responsible for any accidents!
Wow....this is seriously incredible!
Wow technology at it's best here way to go Google. Awesome.
KITT from Knight Rider would be a reality soon enough!
i think i know where they are driving. look at my post for my answer.
+Darth Azimuth Perhaps for their next project they could crack the secret of teleportation - "Sorry guv, couldn't have been me - I was 5,000 miles away - look, I even got this speeding ticket from a UK camera so how could I possibly have been in LA at the same time?!"
autonomous vehicle has been being a massive subject in computer science for more than 10 years, finally google realize it !
but still facing lots of problem, i hv ever had a research bout its recognition, if there're alot of cars surround that car and have blinking lights, the car will get confused :D :D
that is cool! when i get older and old i want to get one or make one.
he drove a self driving car read that to your self.
best part about this is being able to safely eat a taco while driving ;-) great video. impressive, touching.
How did the car know the driver was blind and the car could park in a handicap spot? That was amazing!
Truly inspirational and innovative. Well Done Google.
The future is here. Fantastic technology.
I love driving, but I would also love to be able to tell my car to drive itself and read a book when in bumper to bumper traffic.
How does this car afford insurance? the only job it could hold is taxi cab.
Easy, it's safer than human driving so premiums will be lower.
I did not realize that the car was self driving!
that is so fucken cool what if it crahes? where does it know where u want to go? huh
Shame there is never a way to control human stupidity.
Wow, the future is sure getting very close...
Thanks for sharing that great video~regards from UK.
Truly amazing +Louis Gray :) It's great to see +Google doing something like this that will one day better humanity. (And give tech geeks something to drool over.)
yeah!! it is getting closer and harder...
Wow! I would love to have one of those. I kind of think that it looks funny doing that. Lol!
Awesome! will it work in a traffic-jammed cities?
I want one. Ill call him Googlejeebs.
ha my last name is the same as his
cop: i c ur driving with no hands?
me: pshhh no what r u talkin about?
cop: and no seat belt?
me: all an illusion.
This video made my day. One day (soon) the world will be like that for everybody. Google is helping us get there faster. :)
Jay Tee
Cool.....wish I could drive one. :)
Have these been tested in rush hour traffic yet?
That is one of the coolest things I have ever seen!!!
I'm a programmer & was able to solve it in less than a minute. Am I a bad programmer???
Are you allowed to text while driving this car??
What is actually controlling the car? Do you have the option to take over control? Is the car gas or electric or both? Will the car go at least 65MPH?
self drivin cars sucks and so do priuses i like my gas guzzler
This will be 10 times better that all the idiots reading phone messages, the paper, social networks, eating and everything else they do when they should be driving.
I'm in 3rd grade and that problem doesn't make any sense. :/
Neat idea. The programmer in me wants to see how it handles edge case testing. Would be neat to see a vehicle elegantly handle crisis scenarios better than humans. 
Why do school busses stop at railroad tracks? Because they don't trust the sensors. Similar sensors are used in these cars.

In saying that, I would prefer this technology to be deployed by the time my son is 16 years old.
On The New York Times' Bits Blog, Nick Bilton's article had the headline (though it might not have been his fault)… wait for it… "Google’s Driverless Cars Can Now Fetch Food." I think they're kind of missing the point.
I don't want to know how to drive, so this will be welcome, but I'd be dead and gone before this tech will be mainstream. little by little some of the tech used on this car will creep into manufacturing new cars, but it'll all take sometime for this to be common.
one day driving will be for sport only. I enjoy driving sometimes, but it would be nice to let the computer take the wheel. In the future, maybe ill have an automatic car and a toy for driving around the track.
Back in 1998, I did my CS senior seminar on driverless cars. Back then it was only DARPA and Carnegie Mellon working on it. But even then, they had a car drive from CMU (Pittsburgh) to the Pacific Ocean.
It have radar, radar are not allowed in my country unless police use them. It seem like we need driverless car around because everyday, I see about 80% of the people not driving correctly, they do not turn on their turning light before turning. I'd like to have driverless car in my country, but I want to drive my own car, but it would be cool to have an option for robot drive or human drive (auto). 
That's awesome and I'm thrilled I was able to take my dad +Charles Hickman on a ride in one recently. Completely amazing tech that will have a big impact!
Stunning. Real innovation shown in this video.
Good on you Google this will give alot of disable people a life
Nice video, technology makes amazing things happen.
Amazing! I wonder whether it will work in India! Considering the traffic rules out here!
nur ani
very good car
oh wow!!! I wud so love to own that GOOGLE CAR!!! plz rememba me if u eva put him into retirement? He'd be going to a GOOD home, i luv cars, not having any luck with them lately.. . but I do respect them am an advocate for safe driving & I ADORE GOOGLE!!! ;o)
(insert puppy dog eyes smiley here)
One of the great things about a self driving car besides the obvious is that you could set it to take you to work in the morning then run by and take your wife to work after you get dropped off then take the kids to school. It could be used by multiple people even multiple families easily. No need for it to sit parked all day long. You could rent out your car time while you are working. So much potential.
thanks Google you make our life more comfortable.This car could help many people with disabilities.
Omer Yagi - Thanks to Google for this very notable innovation; for your effort to make life better
I need one of those for my wife!!! then she can really drive me crazy!!
how does the car know.....where you want it to go? how do you tell it?
it would be very nice if Google share some more technical details about the semi-autonomous cars. I believe it's GPS based and very precise cameras, radars and sensors installed across the chassis. But what is the behavior of the car in critical information or in cluttered areas with bad GPS signal. What will happen if some sensor fails or there is а pedestrian on the road before the car. Are these systems 100% reliable, and how far we are from a manufacture of such cars.
+Georgi Stoyanov Yes it would be, but major car companies would not allow it if they did not get a profit. Everything is about money now. Nobody cares about technical advances anymore, it is unfortunate but true.
like he is saying is very true because you have epilepsy and left at home all the time, and want go some where this is cool
Technically... could you get a DUI ticket with this? Or would you just get a public drunk ticket?
Automation if used to benefit human life is welcome. Not to control people's life. The idea is to minimize the human error and to bring confort, reliabilty, and peace of mind to everyone. Science and Technology to serve the entire human being family and never the elite group only.
Here in the Denver metro area the RTD (Regional Transportation District) expansion of light rail and passenger rail to outlying areas is being put in limbo by cost increases so they've come up with a plan to extend service using buses until the day comes that light/passenger rail can be paid for. It seems to me that this technology could go a long way to eliminating the need for the much more expensive rail projects by using 'smart' buses instead, particularly if they can operate in designated lanes.
HaHaHaHa!!!! Does anyone else see the humor in the creators of the Android phone automating the first car to drive itself BEFORE they touched it!!!!! (unintended acceleration DID happen) LOL!

Seriously though, I'm a mechanical engineer and a driving coach, and I think this is long overdue. I've had students that lack various capabilities to safely operate a car, from sight to mental capacity to simply understanding action and consequence. I believe in the "driving is a privilege" rule and Hate that so many people drive to make their life work, despite lacking basic capabilities to do it with control. Driving tired can be just as bad as driving drunk! Who hasn't been guilty of driving without the necessary control at some time??? As the owner of my own purpose built race car, and a huge fan of driving in general, if my car had this capability, I would use it often! Good job google and best of luck to you in your extensive testing!!!
As an engineer, I say, "Very, very cool, Google." As a driver, I say, "I'll give up my steering wheel when you pry it from my cold, dead hands."
it will not become illegal to drive a manual car based on how many deaths car accidents cause. are cigarettes illegal? no. people will demand to be able to drive their older cars because they love to do it. I think with all these self driving cars, pople will still need a driver's license. what if the auto-drive malfunctions? you will have to manually take over. What if there's a situation where the auto-drive can't figure it out? I can't see this being legal for blind people to drive alone. too much could go wrong, and they'd be stuck.
I'm sure it will happen but I think their will be many problems and obsticles along the way. The states will lose alot of money in traffic tickets so I would guess they would be very slow to accept it. Many questions- would it only be used for handicapped ppl or would everyone have to use them? It appears that the drive was pre-programmed which would make unscheduled stops very difficult. How much time would need to be spent programming your driving trip? Of my 51 years, I've never seen a machine that works perfectly all the time and I could see many accidents because of mechanical, technical or computer failure. Imgine if every auto on the road was 'automatic', if a terrorist or crackpot could jam the signals or disrupt the technoligy it could cause massive pile ups, possibly nation wide. I'm thinking many things will have to be ironed out.
I wondered when this would be reality ever since I saw my first Herbie movie and now I I've seen it in my lifetime!!!! Any other video's or information about this project?
When the idea of devicing a car that can drive itself surfaced I was skeptical. Now I am enthused about it. Hurrah to the good minds!
this amazing hope more technology is coming
Absolutely amazing, and just a little bit scary, LOL! :-)
It's the computers and having my mother in law in the passenger seat that would worry me. Even my cell phone shuts down when she calls.
Seriously all the technology exists today. Just send me $2 million and I'll have your car converted.
How can driving be more enjoyable if you are not driving?
este carro es una maravilla cuando lo ponen ala venta en el mundo si funsiona en mexico tanbien
Sounds like most comments on here are joking about getting one for their daily use. I am going blind in one eye, am 48 years old, and find this an amazing opportunity for blind people around the globe. Yes, driving should be limited to a certain radius and used in daylight. But what a wonderful concept for blind, and other handicapped people. I guess until you actually experience a handicap, you don't really understand what it's like being independent and then having to depend on others.
Guadalupe Hernandez
I agree at the comment that this car shoul or could be used mainly by handicapped people,or thoes that really need this tipe of car, because I can see that the use of tecnology have form a wrong point of view in some of our up comming generations, they see a service but they don't see a purpose in it; instead they used it to their disabantage and not for their grouth and developmetn,as it was intendet(maked) for. so I hoppe that does that have the opportunity to have a car like the Google Car, they give it a use that desurve, and give it a purpose. and I think that it is cool car too.
this is soo useful for this people :))
But I'm such a good stunt driver when I want to be,,, just ask the Cook County Sheriffs. :D
@ Jeremy Engleman: Drive from coast to coast 3 times in a row without a break,,, drive freight, (Heh, reminds me of the Simpsons episode suddenly where all the trucks were self guided by similar systems. rofl.)
It is a small world and I love it here.I am very greatful for what I have.
It looks dangerous, Ingenuity but dangerous. I will only believe that its safe when he tested it on himself (the Inventor) and hurdle suddenly himself in front of the car or test it on a chimp like every NASA do it when everytime you invent something deadly.
Looks like it cannot align itself into a parking spot properly. When they stopped at the cleaners it was parked at an angle, and when they pulled into the driveway at the end it was not straight.

Hopefully the car realizes this when it tries parking in between two cars.
If i come out of a store to find one of these dented my car, there will be hell to pay.
Os bravos serão mais fortes em tudo???? Everything bad is food for you... translate!!! se puder verás o nome!! do Gray.
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